Monday, June 21, 2004

More Light

The longest days of the year offer more light.
Metaphysically more light means seeing more of what we have created.
More light means seeing more of what we may not want to see.
More light means more awareness of long ago buried or hidden memories.
More light means looking at unconscious and conscious omissions and commissions.
More light means being able to clear our guilt and regret.
More light means seeing and forgiving others’ errors.
More light means more insight and understanding.
More light means opportunities to see what needs still to be done.
More light means staying awake.
More light means dispelling the ghosts of the past.
More light means disappearing the skeletons in our closets.
More light means seeing what really is.
More light is essential to clearing the obstacles to Perfect Love.

Here at the apex of the sun shining its warmth and light on us,
we are given the opportunity to see and clear more obstacles to the fullness of our own Unlimited Light and Love.

We may be finding ourselves haunted by some past event or unfinished business.
We may be remembering how we forgot to fully love someone who mattered to us.
We may see where we lost our direction and left our own path.
We may be awakened to how we could have handled a negative situation differently.
We may see what errors we have made in our communication or withholding communication.
We may see where we missed the boat and blamed someone else.
We may see a pattern of avoiding conflict or wimping out on our true values.
We may recognize that someone we dislike is just like us.
We may notice that the world needs our help when we thought this world was here to help us.
We may also see with delight how we have given so much love.
We may see how we have been blessed.
We may celebrate how far we have come.
We may appreciate how we have forgiven, healed and created a good life.
We may give thanks for those who have gone before us.
We may be grateful for our friends and family from whom we have learned.
We may enjoy the fullness of each day with it’s surprises and powerful learnings.

I am aware that when I am lost, confused, unclear or conflicted, I need only ask and receive more Light.
I will be filled with insight, awareness and clarity to make the highest and best choices for all concerned.

Let us dedicate this and every day to more light within ourselves and our lives.
We provide the warmth and light in which all can grow into the magnificent Beings we are meant to be.

Let your Whole and Holy Light shine,
Betty Lue