Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Does One Life Matter?

Does your little life matter?
Are you just a drop in the bucket?
Do you ignore yourself and pay attention to others?
Are you feeling lost and alone?
Are you sure that you don’t count?
Have you noticed lately those who need you?
Can you see a world crying for love?
Have you heard a child screaming for comfort?
Can you see the face of the lonely?
Have you walked past the homeless man with his hand out?
Have you had someone knock on your door for a donation?
Have you heard people sigh in resignation?
Have you walked past someone who looked lost and afraid?
Have you noticed the elderly or infirm needing some help?

My life matters because I choose to make a difference.
My life matters because I look for how I can be helpful.
My life matters because I smile at those who look my way.
My life matters because I ask if I can help those who are lost.
My life matters because I care about you and you and you.
My life matters and yours does too!

Every call I get.
Every email that comes my way.
Everyone who needs my help.
Everyone who receives the love and wisdom I share.
Everyone who gives to others knowing we are one.
Everyone who leaves their world a better place.
Everyone who dries a tear.
Everyone who calms a fear.
Everyone who gives to someone in need.
Everyone who offers a better way.
Everyone who gives what is in their heart.
Everyone who joins me in giving.
Everyone who demonstrates forgiveness.
Everyone who is really living.
You, all of you and each one of you, matter to me.
No one left out… No child left behind.
No love not given.
No words of encouragement unshared.
No laughter held in.
No lights turned down in fear.
No locks on the doors to my home or my heart.
You are welcome here.

Let it be known and shown…We all matter here.
Betty Lue