Thursday, June 24, 2004

Betrayal of Trust

When you Love someone…..
When you trust someone….
When doing good for someone….
When depending on someone….
When giving your best to someone…..

What do you do when they are unfaithful to you?
(when they are unfaithful to their word?)
What do you do when they betray your trust?
(when they do not keep their agreements of loyalty and commitment?)
What do you do when they use you?
(when they take what you give and use it for their own gain?)
What do you do when they abandon you?
(when they leave the relationship in guilt and shame or in triumph and conquest?)
What do you do when they reject your gifts?
(when they say “no” to the good ant the love you have offered them?)

Love is freedom and trust.
Love is the freedom to choose whatever will bring you to enlightenment and faith.
Love is trusting in the process of awakening and returning to Love and wholeness.
Some follow a path of obedience and fidelity.
Some follow a path of arrogance and betrayal.
Some live a life of mastery and excellence in all things.
Some live a life of giving as little as they can and getting as much as they can.
Some are guided by fear, defensiveness and attack.
Some are guided by love, trusting and forgiveness.
Some do Good Works.
Some seek only to receive the good works of others.
Some use and abuse the kindness of the trusting and innocent.

We can take others. life choices personally….
A teacher can feel responsible for a student cheating.
A husband can take responsibility for a wife forsaking the vows of marriage.
A customer can feel hurt by the rude behavior of a store clerk.
A doctor can assume responsibility for the patient not taking good care of their health.
A friend can feel offended by their friend not showing up for their scheduled appointment.
A parent can feel guilty for their child using drugs.
We can allow others to be free to choose and experience the consequences of their choices.
We can trust others to learn from their mistakes as well as their successes.
We can give others feedback on our feelings, our preferences and state our values.
We can be a part of the authentic feedback system that enables others to wakeup.
We can honestly notice how we allow others behavior to offend or hurt us.
We can let these experience wake us up to be more responsible for our own thoughts and feelings.
We can be responsible to ourselves for staying happy, at peace and in love.
We can choose not to allow anyone to dim our light or shut down our life force.
We can make a commitment to ourselves to be faithful to and trust ourselves.
We can commit to not betray or forsake ourselves no matter what others do or don’t do.
We can conscientiously take care of our own attitude and well-being.
We can appreciate our own growth, flexibility, willingness and healing process.
There is much we can do for ourselves which promotes healing and awakening for others.

I am not responsible for what others choose. I am responsible for how I respond to their choices.
I am not responsible for how others feel. I am responsible for how I feel.
I am not responsible for how others judge. I am responsible for my own judgments.
I am not responsible for others life learning. I am responsible for my own.

The more I mind my own business, the more I will assume responsibility for my attitude.
The more I take responsibility for my thoughts and feelings, the more I am at peace.
The more I am at peace the more my light shines and my love flows.
The more I am in love, the more I give and the more I learn.
The more I am learning and sharing, the more others learn and share with me.
Let it be. Let it be. Let it be. We are free. We are free. We are free.
And in my freedom I can see what I am here to be.

Thank you for loving You,
Betty Lue