Thursday, June 03, 2004

Life is a Learning Laboratory

Each one of us is in this university of life seeking to graduate.
Each one of us has lessons to be learned.
Each one of us looks upon school with a totally different perspective.
Some are eager and excited.
Some dread the next lessons.
Some are trying to hide from anything new.
Some want to achieve and be the best.
Some want instant success without doing the work.
Some want to skip to the next level before their homework is done.
Some try to get done without helping anyone.
Some want to pass without any tests.
Some make it harder than it needs to be.
Some have fun with whatever comes.
Some just wish they could get out of here and graduate now.

I love to learn for the sake of learning.
I am happy about discovering each new message and possibility as they come.
When I am fearful or resistant to the learning, there seems to be pain or conflict.
When I am receptive and grateful for what comes, I learn with ease and grace.

Resistance to learning seems to cause pain, discomfort and suffering.
Acceptance of learning seems to bring happiness, gratitude and fulfillment.

Those who seek to leave life quickly often have not accepted what is their own game plan.
They may not want to learn the lessons they set before them.
They may discover that the lessons requested are more challenging than they hoped.
They may want to wait until later, when they have more courage or willingness to succeed.
And then there is graduation.
We graduate into realms of more loving, healing, learning, creating, contributing and full Beingness. Each one of us has our own developmental journey, all to be realized in our own timing and our own way.
Life can be fun, safe and easy, when we are happy willing learners. So be it.

I Am a happy willing learner.
Betty Lue