Sunday, June 20, 2004

Father’s Day

All of us have a father within us.
How we define our father creates how we see ourselves provided for and valued by our world.
How we see ourselves in relationship with our father generates how we unconsciously relate to ourselves.
If we were ignored, we may ignore ourselves.
If we were abused, we may abuse ourselves.
If we were admired, we may admire ourselves.
If our father always encouraged us to do better, we may push ourselves to do better.
(The same is true of our relationship with our mother.)

Are you similar to your father?
Are you rebelling against your father?
Do you identify with your physical father or your spiritual father?
Is there a male figure with whom you identify or use as your role model?
How have you chosen the men in your life as partners, friends and lovers?
What are your goals for yourself?
What do you need to do to be provided for well?
What is your real work in this world?
What are your work ethics?
How hard to you think you need to work to provide for your responsibilities?
Do you believe your father cares for you and looks out for you?
Do you believe it is possible to provide for yourself, easily and happily?
Can you see how our father’s beliefs about provision may unconsciously program us to feel the same about making money, earning a living, working hard, struggling and sacrifice?

What we think of our father and what he thought of us often determines our relationship with the world.
If we were admired and told we could do anything we wanted, it is very likely we have believed that prophecy. If we were negated, ignored and put down, it is likely we find ourselves in similar situations.

Our programming from our physical parents often is limiting, because our parents may have been limited.
We are now in need of new models and new programming. Before we can let go of what is not so, we must recognize what it is that we are releasing. To wash our minds clear of limiting beliefs, we must become aware of the content and author of those beliefs. To free ourselves and our parents is a life work. Recognizing and erasing what is merely a belief passed on through the generations frees everyone to be unlimited in choices and life scripts. We literally are forgiving and freeing past generations of misbelief.

When you identify with an unlimited Spiritual Father, Creator, Source and Provider, you can get the picture and model of Unlimited Presence, Unlimited Provision, Unlimited Creative Potential. If you believe you are unworthy, ignored and rejected by God, the ultimate Father, you will not accept your inheritance, being created in the likeness and image of the One you see as your true parent. This is one of the values of recognizing our parents are merely temporary guardians, not the Creative Force in our universe.

Bless all the fathers and mothers as the children of God we are.
Bless all the daughters and sons as the children of God we are.
Bless all the people of this earth as the unlimited creative potential we are.
All of us the same, created in the likeness and image of the Infinite, Abundant and all-loving presence, we are here name and claim our inheritance.
This is the day to undo what is not true.
This is the day to affirm what is, was and will be our Truth forever.
We can forgive and erase past false programming and limiting historical perspectives.
We can choose and affirm the Truth that is ours forever.

Thank you to the fathers and forefathers who set us free to fully be our whole and Holy selves.
Thank you to our fathers and forefathers who created nations and communities and homes in which each and everyone is free to create for ourselves the goodness, wholeness and beauty that is within us.
Thank you to our fathers and forefathers for living and giving the best they knew within their own belief.
Thanks to ourselves for being willing to be free and abundant, happy and creative.

Blessed be,
Betty Lue