Monday, June 13, 2005

Trusting in Transformation

Some say spiritual crisis is our opportunity to let go of attachments and clinging to our humanness,
Some say many emotional breakdowns are really our call to trust in our mental undoing.
Some say we are experiencing psychological and spiritual emergencies.
We are emerging from the cocoon of our disillusionment, ignorance and unconsciousness.
The darkness we may feel is often an essential part of the journey, we are birthed into a new reality.
As we awaken to our true unlimited potential, it may be experienced like waking up from a heavy sleep.
We may feel groggy, lethargic, irritable or even confused.
There may be many symptoms both physiological and psychological which we cannot explain.

Let's wake up anyway.
Let us let go and allow the transformational process to occur.
Let us trust in the higher outcome of freedom and happiness.
Let us enjoy the beauty of new beginnings with an opportunity to create a new identity and new world.
Let us reassure ourselves and others that change is not only OK, but desirable and inviting.
Let us be gentle in our process and accepting of our awkwardness as we find our wings to fly.
Let us love those who fear and encourage those who resist, as we set the example of courage with delight.
Let us celebrate our reunion by coming together with others in love, appreciation and openmindedness.
Let us begin.

The following email attached may not be "right" for you…..If so, delete and let go.
Waste no time trying to understand, argue against, or make work for you.

Life provides us innumerable opportunities to learn what and why and how.
You will know when something presented is "your cup of tea".

I Am loving you,
Betty Lue