Monday, June 27, 2005

Releasing Attachments

Show up. Be present and conscious.
Pay Attention. See what is real.
Tell the Highest Truth you know. Express from your adult observer or fair witness Self.
Detach and let go. Release need to control, manipulate or fix and trust Higher Power.

When we are attached to someone or to a specific outcome, we can carry the anxiety, pain and upset as an unloving reminder.
When we judge a perceived "wrong" or unfairness and seek to attack the offending "wrong", we simply perpetuate the perceived injustice.
When we fear for the outcome, we plant seeds of fear in others minds and hearts, and often encourage the very outcome we seek to change.
When we forgive our judgments, our fears and our need to control, we can let go and offer our best.
When we remember to love with trust and freedom, we begin to find inner peace in our willingness.
When we know peace in our minds, understanding and acceptance dawn on us as we expand our awareness.
When we understand by seeing more of the healing picture, we can encourage, support and trust more.

No one knows. " Of myself I know nothing."
It is only through a higher perspective and wisdom that I am given my part to play, my part to say and do.
It is only when I let go of thinking I know the right outcome that I can open to the highest outcome.

I cannot possibly be aware of the healing process within each individual.
I do not know when the child is here to heal the mother.
I do not know if the courts need to give the individual time off (in prison) to meditate and choose again.
I do not know when an individual's earthly work is done.
I do not know when someone will be called to move on to their next assignment or to rest awhile in peace.
I do not know what tragedy will call the world to heal its woes and faulty thinking.
I do not know how the illusion of time and space is teaching us to be the love we are.
I do not know how we can simply let go of our story (past) and create ourselves anew.
I do not know what it is or who I am to be with you and all,
I do not know how miracles appear and disappear, so we learn to believe in what is unseen.
I do not know how I am continually inspired and brought to tears of joy through beautiful acts of love.
I do not know when I have touched and healed, taught and learned by what I share.
I do not know. I need not know.
I am called merely to believe in the power of Love within each aspect of creation.
I have faith that all I do is given to what is truly loving, wholesome and Good for All.
I totally trust we all are created by Love as Love for the purpose of Loving.
I trust we are each here to remember our Loving Essence and to live for Love and live from Love.
I trust we are absolutely free to take our own path and our own timing to find our way back home.
Love is who we are. When we live in Love and give in Love, we are happy and at peace.

Bless us all every One in our unique journey,
Betty Lue

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It will give you insights into difficult relationships and also support you personally in living from your Essence as you find the Purpose in your life.