Thursday, June 02, 2005

Need Help?

Do you know when you need help?
Do you ask for the help you need?
Are you clear about who and what to ask for?

Because we have historical family helping patterns which may have yielded conflicting results, we may unconsciously choose the same from our helping professionals.
Our past unhealed patterns are repeated unconsciously for the purpose of choosing differently to heal.

Ask for what you want.
Find a helping profession who resonates with your energy. Trust yourself to know!
Move on and let go, if not "right". Don't waste time and money establishing "trust" for months.
One phone call or brief free interview meeting should confirm what is right for you.
Choose what is best for you. Don't compromise. There are thousands of helpers via phone and nearby.
Say "No" without making any excuses or justifying your choice.
Be picky about who and how you receive help.
State clearly what you expect to receive.
Ask directly for what they can give.
If credentials and training is important, ask for it all.
If insurance is important, get their agreement.
Know the financial arrangement ahead of time.
Choose someone who helps first and receives financial support to continue in their profession.

What I want:
Someone who lives what they profess. Practices what they teach.
Someone who inspires, educates and encourages me.
Someone who has had life experiences experiencing the key areas in which they are helping.
Much more than theoretical knowledge about relationships, children, finances, health issues, etc.
Listening to me, as well as offering possibilities, education, inspiration and support.
Believes in me and trust I can do what I need to do.
Respects my wisdom and my knowledge.

What do you want?
Do you choose the best?
Do you settle for what seems to be available?
Are you clear and committed to getting what you really want?
Are you willing to speak up and express your thoughts, feelings, goals and expectations?
Are you willing to say "no" when it isn't "right" for you?

Ask for help when you need it.
Ask the one whom you know will love, support and believe in you and your wholeness.
Ask for exactly what you want to receive and give exactly what is right for you to give.
Treat you needs with respect.
You are learning to love the child within into wholeness, wellness, confidence and courage.

Loving you,
Betty Lue