Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Children Are Important

Can you imagine how to hold two babies at the same time?
Can you see how to feed two infants at the same time?
Can you see moving to a new home with two one month olds?
This is why Robert and I have been helping with it all.
So we have packed and unpacked, laundered, organized and prepared some meals.
Yes, of course, there is holding and feeding, burping and changing diapers while Mom showers.
There is laughing and cooing, shopping and setting up baby stuff.
There is walking and rocking, and figuring out easier ways to do things.
There are many more projects to come, but also lots of fun.
And yes, our 6 1/2 year old granddaughter Gia will be spending time this summer with us and her nieces.

My Dad often said, "Being a mother is the most important job in the world."
I would agree that whoever is doing the primary nurturing and teaching holds that "most important" title.
Likewise, teachers hold the second most important and often most difficult job in our culture.
For this reason, my career often focuses on those who give care, guidance and love to the development of our children.

Whether you have your own children or "teach" in a professional way, how about giving time and respite to mothers, schools, and even encouragement to those parents you meet casually in the store or a park. Our world has become super-stressful with fears of harm, economic pressures and multiple diversions.

Both our children and our elders have often become secondary to getting the urgent things done. In order to get the attention they deserve, sometimes our kids get in trouble to get their share of that "urgent" attention.

Look at the possibility of offering to help even one hour/week a parent or a teacher.
Consider giving positive regard to someone who is fulfilling those jobs.
Look at how you can make life a little easier for anyone who is struggling with a family.
Give appreciation, smiles and friendliness to children to encourage their learning respect and responsibility.
Take time to ask how you can be helpful to family members with families starting college funds, giving help with projects, spending time with the kids or simply listening to the parent's difficulties and stress.

Your caring matters. The world has changed. Families have often lost their way.
There is often little community and extended family support for the basics.
Give what you can to our little ones.
You can and do make a difference--often more than you realize.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

For those of you who missed, there is a Day 1 picture of the twin girls, Harper and Lila using the "Some Pictures" button on the left hand menu.