Monday, June 06, 2005

Time for You

Is there enough time in your day to get everything done?
Is there enough time to take care of the important things?
Is there enough time to take impeccable care of the ones you love?
Is there enough time to give yourself the very best?

Are you loving you?
Are you remembering to be grateful?
Are you honoring your life?
Are you aware of the blessing you are?

Do you remember to enjoy the small things>
Do you watch the sun rise and set?
Do you see the flowers bloom and hear the birds sing?
Do you allow the wind to caress y our face?
Do you say "Thank you" for each gift of kindness?
Do you speak with presence to those you meet?
Do you value what really matters to you?

Have you sung a song with joy lately?
Have you eaten your favorite flavor of ice cream?
Have you laughed until your belly hurts?
Have you said "I love you" to someone special?

Do you have regrets? Make amends.
Do you have incompletions? Finish what you started.
Do you have unfinished projects? Get to work or let them go.
Do you have unexpressed communication? Write it down or make a call.

You will be surprised at all the time you have when you let go of what is undone and nagging.
Everything being held in your mind and your space takes up energy. Finish it or let it go.
Free yourself and give your renewed attention to what calls you now.

Time for no regrets and loving you and me,
Betty Lue

Wednesday Evening class starting this week.
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Understanding the Uniqueness in Ourselves and Others