Friday, June 03, 2005

Come and Play

We give our lives meaning and purpose.
We create the life we want (or think we must have.)
Life is to be lived fully and freely.
Live with gusto, passion, joy and purpose.
Find and follow the path of your heart.
The real and lasting riches come from the joy and love we share.

I am alive with Spirit because I choose to be.
I give myself to Love and Loving: in this, I never lose.

I honor the Light which lives in me.
Because it leads my way.
I offer the Love that gives through me.
Because it inspires my day.

My work is my play.
My creations are inspirations of my heart.
The time I spend with you and each one who comes is inspiration and food for my soul.
The wisdom I share is a reminder for me of what we all know sometime and somewhere.

I need do nothing and still am free to do everything.
Every breath, a rebirth and renewal of my free will.
Choose again to lift, to love, to laugh.
Give yourself to Love today and Love will give to you.
Live in the present and forget the past,
The beauty of your life will always shine through.
Seek Goodness and Kindness in everyone and you will find it there.
Or if they are bereft of some, give it with gratitude to remind their heart.
That you always have some spare.

This loving reminder was written after a very full and fulfilling week.
Off to spend the morning with Gia and later with the twins, each one a blessing in a child's disguise.
Opportunities to unpack their moving boxes and create a beautiful and orderly home for their nursing Mama.
Then to the city and a coaching conference all day Sunday.
And still time for spiritual friends, called clients, who offer me the joy of blossoming, so that I might behold their beauty and experience their love.

Come and play with me this summer….

Finding Your Authentic Self on Wednesday eves or two Saturdays.

Servant Leadership: Learning to Empower Your People at Unity on Monday eves.

Always available to counsel and consult with those who call. Spirit always gives me more than enough to freely share with you all.

Loving you,
Betty Lue