Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Don't Go Back

I just received a poster, stating “Don’t Go Back”, given to me 13 years ago in Bloomington, IN, and left in the Kalamazoo Whole Life Center of Reunion Ministries. The Center is now closed and all the ministers and practitioners have moved on to their next sacred assignment.
Yet I am going back to Kalamazoo, Michigan on Thursday for four days. Why am I going back?

Why go back? Why revisit the past?
To wish for what was or what might have been?
To rekindle old passion and stir up memories?
To savor the special meal or relationship?
To experience former glory or hardship and pain?

Why go back?
When we are on path and trusting what learning life brings, why go back?

Perhaps to say thank you with an expanded perception.
Perhaps to notice unfulfilled promises to acknowledge.
Perhaps to see how perfect it all was and the blessings it brought.
Perhaps to open the door to some future adventure which it offers.
Perhaps to notice regrets that need to be acknowledged and healed.
Perhaps to acknowledge how we all have grown and appreciate the beauty.
Perhaps to finish work once begun and now calling for ccompletion.

The past is a road back to what led us to where we are now.
When we compare, judge and regret what we no longer have, we bring pain to ourselves.
When we are resentful about what could have been, we bring hurt to ourselves.
When we feel grateful for all the blessings we received, we bring joy to ourselves.

As I go back, I see all life as moving forward into the mystery of love that never ends.
I see friends that will last a lifetime or more.
I see places that make my heart sing.
I see opportunities for rekindling vision grown cloudy.
I see joyous reunion with myself, Spirit and with those comrades who have walked with me.

And yes, Love never ends, it just changes form.
So as I take these four days in Michigan and Indiana, I reconnect with old friends and spiritual partners.
I make new friends and inspire lives, as I am inspired.
I see the Spirit of Love make all things new again.
I reclaim a new life and a new spirit and allow all Good things to come to me.
I go forth with an experience of excitement, trust and expectancy.

I am going back and forward with joy, gratitude and love, open and willing to give and receive from the abundance always available.

Loving you,
Betty Lue