Sunday, March 27, 2005

It is Easter!

Many traditions come alive in this one.
Sunrise from the East (new life, beginnings, creations), bountiful eggs, bunnies and chicks, resurrection from death, hope for the spring and abundant harvest-
all about receiving the good of Eternal life.
The cycles and seasons of life demonstrate that there is no death.
Life is eternal and everlasting.
While it appears there is death in the winter, there is new life in the spring.
While things appear bleak in one season, they appear glorious in another.
While life seems to end with death, there is the birth of the infant to continue life.
Energy can be neither created nor destroyed.
What is remains no matter what.

Easter is a time to watch the rising sun and remember the Light also rises in you.
Easter is a time to remember the miracle of hope, that each moment brings anew.
Easter is a gift inviting us to reclaim the Love within.
Easter is a chance to let our natural Joy begin.

Within you and me is the opportunity to free ourselves from the tomb of our own crucifixion.
Breathe deep the freedom that is real, when we trust ourselves to feel the Love in Life itself.
Enjoy the gift of precious now as you walk in fields of luscious grasses and wild flowers.
Creation is all around us inviting new beginning, even in the midst of our errant focus on what is past.

In spite of all that happens in life, this moment can be a gift of transformed perception.
Look with forgiveness on your judging mind.
Feel your heart open to the kindness therein you find.
Give words of praise to those who serve and give their gratitude to you.
And peace is extended to all who have closed the door to their loving heart.

I know in Eastertide, I am renewed, as I remember the Love I Am.
I know this Spring, I am given each moment to fully receive and appreciate the life I have.
I know today, I reclaim the opportunity to create everyday for the Good I choose.
I know my life is truly mine to use according to my will.
I know with right use of will, I will The Highest Will be done through All I Am, All I say, All I do.
In this, I can do no harm and serve only the Highest Good for all.

Easter is the loving reminder to choose again.
Choosing again to forgive all pain and suffering in humanity.
Choosing again to perceive and value the kindness and Goodness.
Choosing again to reclaim the renewal of my mind and the transformation of my life.
Choosing again to dedicate my life to the Light of the dawn of Truth.
Choosing again to realize the limitless Love within the Heart of God in me.

Loving you with a heart that is True B'Lue