Sunday, March 06, 2005

Awakening the Divine Feminine

Men and women are very masculine in our culture. We are all out of balance.
The focus is on doing not being, getting not giving, striving not serving, efficiency not effectiveness, saving time and money not relationships and health, fixing not healing, providing not nurturing.

There is a need and greed for more, working harder and smarter, trying to get and do.
There is a competitive striving to achieve, to excel, to perform, to defeat.
There is an intensity making things happen faster and better.
There is a mental analysis of how things work, so that we can make them work for us.
There is an aggressive need to dominate with focus on provision and protection.
There is an intention to defeat nature rather than respect with nature and its resources.
There is an entitlement to use up the earth’s resources rather than preserve the bounty and beauty.
There is increasing noise and media pollution rather than desire for quiet serenity and inner peace.

We are a masculine adolescent society, trying to win through power and verbal justification.
We pay our men more and demand that they out-produce the competitors.
We push our fathers and husbands to work harder and longer to acquire bigger and better.
We expect our boys and men to be strong and courageous in protecting and defending.
We allow little time or opportunity to feel, to express, to relax, to be alone and quiet.
Both men and women are taught to compete, achieve and make things happen.

Spiritually, we are out of balance.
Our religious traditions have been created, built and led by masculine energy.
Masculine energy emphasizes mental understanding of Spirit rather than everyday integration.
This energy pushes for competition among spiritual groups and encourages fighting for dominance.
There is striving to win at another’s expense rather than seeking what is good for all.
There continues to be religious wars and propaganda, rather than living spiritual principles.

There is a call for the feminine spirituality to emerge.
This is a time for receptive, contemplative, listening responsiveness.
The Divine Feminine is cooperative, respectful, inclusive and life-affirming.
Feminine spirituality is gentle, nurturing, healing and appreciative.
The Divine Mother provides Love and faith, forgiveness and acceptance for all creation.
There is room on this planet for all expressions of faith serving the good of All people.
We can awaken within us the willingness to love one another as we are loved by Creator.
We can let go of our need to prove ourselves by letting go of our judgments on what we do.
We can release our judgments of others by accepting our differences and nurturing our Oneness.
We can respect and embrace all children with love, rather than using fear to divide us.
We can begin today to reach out to others with love, appreciation and open-mindedness.
We can drop our fences and defenses and extend Love and Peace to all as the One We are.
We can share fully what we have, what we know, who we are and how much we care.
We can appreciate the beauty and bounty of our lives openly and with joy.
We can be pleased with ourselves for being without need to prove or improve on what is.
We are the emerging Divine Feminine in all beings, young and old, male and female.

Be the gift of Love and Gratitude You Are,
Betty Lue