Saturday, March 19, 2005

Open the Flow

Life is flow.
Wherever we are contracted and shut down, we close off the flow of life.
The flow of life includes the mind, the body, Spirit, our finances, relationships, good works and more.

Where there is a problem or conflict, pain or disease, lack or limitation, there is a constriction of flow.

Basic reminders to open the flow:
Breathe fully and freely into your belly with full attention and appreciation. (whenever feeling stress)
Move gracefully and naturally without effort or caution. (T'ai Chi, dance, yoga, walking or swimming)
Eat foods that digest easily, give your energy and move through your body naturally. (vegetables, water)
Share your positive feelings with those who receive and appreciate your love and gratitude.
Release your negative feelings where they will be flushed.(e.g. journal, energetic release, friend who lets go)
Spend your money on what lifts you up, what you value and what you truly enjoy. (Bless expenditures.)
Spend time and energy on activities that energize and inspire you. (Sing, create, beautify, laugh, enjoy)
Bless your relationships with thoughts, feelings and deeds,
Give your very best and appreciate what you give.
Think about how much you have rather than what you lack.
Notice what you value and fully appreciate it.
Open your heart to those who call for your love without judging them or feeling guilty.
Honor your preferences with kind attention and a willingness to give yourself the best.
Let go of what scares you, guilts you, judges you or is disrespectful to you.
Forgive yourself for letting anyone or anything hurt you.
Forgive yourself and others for taking on the negative feelings and criticisms of the world.
Be selective about what you believe.
Share your sacred Self where you know you will be honored and valued.
Listen to your heart first, then respond with the loving way.

Develop your own reminders to open your flow.
Put your list on your frig or inside your medicine cabinet.
Remember you are responsible (able to respond) for your own life.
Choose today to remember to take impeccable care of you and your life energy.

Loving you with a flow that is True,
Betty Lue