Friday, March 04, 2005

What’s It All About?

Life for each one of us is a journey to grow up.
Some people are babies, focused only on getting enough of what they want.
Some people are just young, trying to please or learn the rules to win.
Some people are adults, grown up enough to strive, to achieve and excel, to win fame and fortune.
And some people are old souls here finishing their journey with healing and service.

Each person is on their own path with unique learning issues, healing needs and life focus.
When we are minding our own business, there is nothing to judge or compare.
When we are focused on our own life, there is more than enough to keep us occupied.
When we are tending our own issues, we have little time or energy for criticizing others.

Judging our journey slows us down.
Criticizing our mistakes creates more errors.
Feeling ashamed and guilty interferes with our healing.
Hiding and pretending limits our learning and growth.

When we compare, evaluate and judge ourselves, we waste energy and time.
When we hurt ourselves with criticism, cruelty and lifetime pain, we are paralyzed with fear.
When we withdraw from others and withhold love and respect from ourselves, we feel unworthy.
When we treat ourselves with pain and shame, we teach others to treat us with disrespect.

The key to healing is forgiveness.
Forgiveness of ourselves sets us free to see life is our sacred journey.
Our choices create experiences from which we are to learn.
When we make mistakes we can choose to quickly and easily choose again.

In school most of us made mistakes.
If those mistakes were cause for shame and guilt we may have stifled our learning and achievement.
If those mistakes were an opportunity to learn, we celebrated every correction and moved on.
Mistakes are a healthy sign of someone who is willing to learn from life’s experiences.

When we develop in life, there is a usual progression from ego-centered, to pleasing others, to wanting information from which to learn and make decisions, to being responsible, living our values with integrity and then to seeing the unity in all creation.

Wherever you are in your life is where you are.
The more you accept your place in life and the roles you have chosen, the easier your path will be.
The more you are aware of where you are going, the more likely you will get where you want to be.
The more you enjoy the experiences you encounter, the more you will heal and learn and grow.
The more you love who you are in the process, the more you will love those who travel your way.

This is your life and mine as well. We are in this together to love, serve and encourage one another.
Sounds fun and safe and easy.
And so it is when we forgive and live to enjoy it all.

Loving you,
Betty Lue