Saturday, March 05, 2005

What a Wonderful Life I Have!

I just finished my loving reminder for today and feel inspired to write this one for tomorrow.
Sometimes I write three or four in a row, because I am in the flow and the ideas want to be written.
I just love to share with you the best I know.
You inspire me to open my heart, to listen within and give all that is there for me and you and everyone.
I feel so privileged to be who I Am, where I Am, giving what I have.
Sometimes I really want to do so much more with my life, because I feel the limitlessness inside.
I am aware of the abundance of wisdom and love, compassion and confidence, inside this heart/mind.

Do you realize how easy it is for me to sit down at the computer and write these loving reminders without a forethought or an afterthought with no correction or outline, no judgment or concern?
Can you imagine how fun, safe and easy it is to do what comes naturally through me?
Do you know how free I feel to share my whole self with you and everyone?
Do you sense how very much I love you and believe in you and know how limitless you are?
Can you tell how happy I am to be alive and to fully enjoy the good life I have?
Have you guessed how blessed my life is with love and learning, with harmony and beauty?
Do you get how easy it is for me to clean toilets, arrange flowers, comfort the dying or change a diaper?
Do you realize I rarely judge and totally appreciate what I do, where I am and those who are with me?

I smile at babies in the grocery store.
I look for beautiful skies full of all kinds of weather.
I find beauty everywhere, in nature and in people.
I encourage displays of love and celebration.
I look for excuses to smile, both inside and out.
I like to hear what comes out of my mouth.
I totally enjoy what I write and appreciate what I learn.
I value my relationships with all people.
I experience everything and everyone as my teacher.
I see life as a sacred adventure which holds mystery and surprise.
I seek opportunities to learn and grow, to heal and be healed.
I encourage people to ask for help and insight, so I can learn.
I am kind to myself when I am tired, sad or upset.
I recognize myself in everyone and appreciate us all.
I know we are all in this together, because there is only One of us.

What a wonderful life with tears and fears, hope and disappointment, challenges and rewards.
What a wonderful life with novelty, diversity, opportunity and creativity.
What a wonderful life with so many choices and cycles, responsibilities and relationships.
What a wonderful life with wakeup calls, comforting lullabies, inspiring words and healing prayers.
What a wonderful life with joy and peace, sorrow and conflict, love and kindness, fear and rejection.
What a wonderful life to be lived well or wasted, to be given freely or grasping for more.
What a wonderful life to be utilized or thrown away, to be celebrated or hated.
What a wonderful awesome and miraculous life!

I live it well. I give it well. I value it well. I celebrate it well. I am awake.
This makes all the difference. ENJOY LIFE. It is your Gift.

Betty Lue

You can too. Life can be a joy for you.
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Remember every life is significant. Every life matters.
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