Thursday, March 17, 2005

Spring is Coming!

The Light comes with the dawn of each new day!
The warmth of Spring comes with the sun (Son) shining in my heart.
The healing Love of God (Goodness) comes with heartfelt forgiveness and appreciation.

Spring is our seasonal reminder of renewal and rebirth.
Easter is a holy reminder of the resurrection of our True Self from the limitations of the body.
Every time we let go and lay to rest, we allow the birth of something new.
Clinging to our identity, our history, our institutions, we limit the natural process of renewal.

Attachment causes pain and suffering.
Trying to keep something status quo shuts down the flow of chi.
Life force is creative and flowing, ever-changing.
This is the nature of physical life.
(Our Spirit lives forever in many forms, times and circumstances.)

Our attachment "to be right" limits our happiness.
Our conviction that we have found the "Truth" for everyone limits our growth.
Our certainty that there is only one way limits our awareness of alternative possibilities.
Our decision to always follow custom and tradition limits the opportunity for exploration.

When life changes, we can be angry in our resistance or curious in our acceptance.
When our body changes, we can be fearful in our dependence or awakened by our freedom.
When our finances change, we can distrust our choices or allow ourselves to learn.
When our relationships change, we can hate the unfamiliarity or rejoice in the discovery.
When the light comes, we can close the curtains and retreat into darkness or open our eyes to new life.
(When light comes, we see the incompletions, missed opportunities and unforgiveness.)
When love is present, everything is seen with welcoming and wonder.

I choose to embrace the spring with a fullness of appreciation, enthusiasm and expectancy.
Thus I am rewarded with a happy outlook, a richness of Spirit and expanding consciousness.
Some say this is Enlightenment. So let us Be It!

Loving you,
Betty Lue

"Time to clean house, mentally and materially"
My talk for the Metaphysics Club in Walnut Creek, Wednesday, March 30 10:30AM

At Home with Spirit, Friday, March 18, 7PM our home. With music, meditation and Joy.