Sunday, March 28, 2004

Listen Within

There is a place in you that outshines the sun.
There is a purpose in you to love everyone.
There is a presence in you to give all you have.
There is a possibility in you to abundantly live.

Within each one of us is a calling to Joy and Freedom.
Within each one of us are gifts to be shared.
Within each one of us is a yearning for loving.
Within each one of us is a sacred place to live.

Peace is found within.
Joy and freedom lie there, too.
Real Love is not learned or learned, but realized and shared.
Your sacred Self is the Real You.

My daily loving reminders are for you, to remind us to live faithfully, forever free.
They come from deep within the part of me that is True B’Lue, connected always with Spirit.
Your daily reminders lie within you, too, if you would but listen, moment by moment.
Your reminders lie in the beauty you see, the songs you hear, and the voices of those you love.

Listen with your heart and you will hear your calling.
Listen with you head and you will strive to be something more.
Listen with your soul and you will learn to live in abundance.
Listen with your mind and you will fear for lack.

I invite you to sit quietly everyday in the same place and at the same time.
Give your body and mind a chance to be comfortable with your Divine appointment.
Bring with you a pad of paper and a pen.
As you breathe and trust, as you enjoy the silence, write everything that comes to you.
Make note of your questions and listen for the answers, too.
Pay attention to the breeze, the subtle touch with no one there.
Make note of a song, a verse, a poem coming through.
And when you are done, be glad for taking the time to listen within.
God wants to speak to you and through you, too.
As you get comfortable with your willingness, you may not understand, the word that comes or the thought that keeps replaying. Just write it down.
You see, often the personality ego will erase immediately.
With the writing, you can read it and remember. Read it and understand. Read it and weep.
Read it and feel the love.
Let God speak with you all through your day, beginning with your Daily Divine Appointment.

I am encouraging to listen within.
Betty Lue