Wednesday, March 31, 2004

What To Do?

When everything is happening what do you do?
What comes first?
How do you keep your peace?
How do you handle so much?
How can you be so happy?

I have no kitchen for about three weeks (new cupbards)…We are eating raw vegetables and juicing or cooking in a toaster oven and microwave in the dining room. Most kitchen stuff is in bags and boxes in the garage, storage and laundry room. The vegetables and dishes are washed in the bathroom sink.

I am coordinating the kitchen being put together correctly since both job bosses are on vacation this week.

My Mom arrived last night for a week’s visit. She is very flexible and fits in beautifully with the flow. She sleeps on the sofa bed in Robert’s office/den.

My younger daughter, Hilarie, is getting married this Saturday in an awesome formal wedding at the American Music Hall in San Francisco. Rehearsal dinner Friday eve and family celebration brunch Sunday at her Dad and stepMom’s home. Blessedly, we are guests and not needed to entertain, since my cup is full. My son in law is a perfect mate for my daughter and I am delighted.

Gia is our joy every morning (we get up at about 3AM to drive one hour to her home, so her Dad can leave for work and we take her to kindergarten.) My mornings are Monday and Friday usually and Grandpa Robert covers T.W, Th.

There continue to be a growing number of clients, classes and groups, community service and outreach, and future programs to prepare. All of which I do with joy. It is a gift to be so fully alive and contributing where I am needed.

How do I do it All with Ease and Joy?
First, I enjoy what I do. Where you resist, everything takes longer and is more difficult.
I take care of the essentials first everyday..clean house, good meals, order and organization.
I take impeccable care of my Whole Self spiritually, physically and mentally.
I manage my affairs on time and with gratitude, so my foundation is strong.
I appreciate what I have and who I am. I value my life and those with whom I associate.
I stay busy with positive focus and loving intention. My mind does not entertain worry or fear.
I stay focused on one activity or relationship at a time. Being present make every moment a gift.
I use all my resources—time, energy and money—to serve the Highest Good.
I stay connected with Spirit for guidance and direction, for inspiration and energy.
I trust what I need will come to me as I need it. I live in faith and give with joy.
I keep my agreements with myself and with you. I am confident in the choices I make.
I look for miracles and I celebrate the healing, growth, beauty and goodness I see everywhere.

I am encouraging you to put your own life in order, clean up distractions and resistance, enjoy what you have and freely be who You Are. Take the time to make a list for yourself of how you best handle changes, surprises and potential roadblocks.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

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