Monday, March 08, 2004

Fun, Safe and Easy

Life is fun, safe and easy….. when I Am.

Life can be fun, safe and easy. This has been one of my life themes. I now see how when I am fun, safe and easy, I am creating the life I want. When I am not fun, not safe and not easy for myself and others, I am not creating the life I want.
Aaaah! Such a simple and awesome realization. How fun, safe and easy to undo and let the True B’Lue through.

My life has been a joy, even in the midst of sorrow. After my Dad died within the Asheville Hospice, my Mom, Robert and I went to the movies to see Mrs. Doubtfire with Robin Williams. My Dad would have loved that. When there is tragedy in life, I seek to restore my sanity with appreciation of the natural beauty all around me, and look for signs of kindness within my human family. I know how to play at work and always leave my clients and classes feeling uplifted, hopeful and usually smiling when they leave my office.
Life is fun….an amazing and miraculous adventure.

My life has been safe, even in the midst of danger. Even with a near death experience, with a fearful and violent person or close calls in traffic, I am protected by my seeing myself and my world as safe. I am awake and conscious. I am vigilant for the possibilities of how to support safety for everyone. I seek and find the safe way to go and am grateful to be reminded. I listen within for direction and follow my inner guidance. I notice what happens when I forget and am gently reminded what works.
Life is safe…a failsafe opportunity to learn what works, Who knows the best course and which direction is good for all.

My life is easy, even in times of hardship, loss and lack. With limited resources, apparent health issues, family problems, many moves, giving all for the sake of all, I have consistently been amazed at how easily life always works when I do the work of trusting and freeing myself and my limiting thoughts with faith, hope and love. Ease comes from trusting in the Power and Presence and Purpose that lives within me and letting it be fully free to express itself with my joy of being. There is no absence, no lack, no limitation and no difficulty that cannot be easily undone and overcome with my willingness to listen within and allow God to guide me.
Life is easy when I suspend all judgments and fears and live in the moment with faith.

When I forget to be this space of fun, safety and ease, I do not see this world around me. When I become convinced by mass consciousness or the voice of those nay-sayers and purveyors of doom and gloom, I lose my joy and hide my light from myself.
I forgive myself for forgetting to be fun and have fun.
I forgive myself for forgetting to be safe and to know we are safe.
I forgive myself for forgetting to be easy and giving that easy acceptance to all that is.

Life is fun, safe and easy, when I AM.

So be it and so I Am,
Betty Lue