Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Planting Your Garden

Spring is full bloom here in CA and just budding out in IN.
Now is the time to plant the garden in your soul.
We each get infinite opportunities to plow the fields of our consciousness and plant again each spring whatever will yield what we would harvest.

What is your crop of choice?
Power and prestige,
respect and support,
joy and freedom,
love and intimacy,
inspiration and creativity,
simplicity and peace,
ideas and accomplishment,
knowledge and wisdom?
Pick your crop. Anyone you choose.
Yes, you can even choose resentment and revenge, lethargy and laziness, envy and greed, disappointment and depression.
We are totally at choice about what to plant, to nurture and harvest in our lives.

The work is to choose what you really want.
The work is to pull the weeds of your former habits.
The work is to intend and focus on the outcome you seek.
The work is to hold the vision and keep the faith.
The work is to commit and persist in doing what it takes.
The work is to work and enjoy the work.
The work is to appreciate the growth each step of the way.
The work is to learn from the difficulties.
The work is to accept all kinds of weather.
The work is to not waste energy on complaining or wishing things were different.
The work is to take good care of yourself in doing the work.
The work is to love, respect and support your work as a gardener in life.
The work is to give yourself the associations and the activities your need to continue the work.

I am loving and believing in the gardens we are each choosing to plant this spring.

Loving you, Betty Lue