Sunday, March 14, 2004

Abundant Living

I get paid by the Universe when I do my job and fulfill my purpose and my function here.
I have volunteered to contribute to this world and those in my life.
I am committed to keep my agreements and to complete my assignment.
When I fulfill my function and live my purpose I am abundantly paid.
And so are you.

When I insist on getting paid for doing a job based on the economy, or someone’s evaluation of my work, my pay will fluctuate according to the state of our national consciousness and the state of mind of my employer and how hard I work.
When I am a spiritual volunteer, I acknowledge that my purpose is to serve universal Good and I live conscious of my function.
When I remember I am here to love unconditionally, serve from the heart and remember always God and Good, I am paid abundantly on every level.
When we love unconditionally, we have no fear.
We extend more of what is Good.
We give our best to everyone.
We live in an expansive state.
The flow of all that is good and whole is abundant.
When we serve from our heart, we enjoy life.
We give fully and joyfully.
We are guided and directed as to what to do, where to go and how to serve.
When we serve from our heart, everything we give is given to ourselves.
When we remember god and Good, we are awakening all other minds.
We open the flow of abundant Joy and peace in their lives. We enrich our world.
When we remember the Good, we see and remind others of the Good both within and around us.
When we remember the God in what is, we believe it and see it, we live it and give it.
Our life becomes our riches and we are paid everyday by who we are, all we give, what we believe and see and appreciation.
Love, Joy and Peace grow within us and around us.
This is Abundant living.

I am sharing these reminders that everyone might live abundantly.
Betty Lue