Saturday, July 09, 2005

Human Life for a Spiritual Being

Do I have Pain and Problems?
How could I understand and speak to so many issues without knowing worldly stuff?
How could I respond to my fellow travelers without traveling the journey myself?

Yes, I lived for several years in a state of grace…with peace and joy in my heart and mind.
Yes, I have known a connection with the pure consciousness of God, with no fear.
Yes, I have given myself, all my belongings and my whole life to the Highest good.
Yes, I have known all the human emotions in doses from huge to minimal.
Yes, I have experienced family and physical issues periodically.
Yes, I have created a life which supports my remembering to Love.
Yes, I eat much organic vegetables and whole grains, no preservatives or artificial additives.
Yes, I lived in my own ideal world, "ivory tower", as a monk in a monastery with no media, etc.
Yes, I have explored and experimented with diverse lifestyles; from traditional to ascetic and mystic.
Yes, I have, for most of my life, used no alcohol or other drugs, illegal or prescription.
Yes, I have sought and found many ways to use my mind to live in harmony and happiness.
And Yes, I have known betrayal, infidelity, near death, life-threatening violence, ostracism, immobilizing pain, paralyzing fear, bankruptcy, food stamps, dark night of the soul, being overweight and underweight, health and family concerns, and worry about financial security.

However, what keeps me sane is remembering I am loved, deeply and profoundly by my Creator.
With this knowledge (not just a belief), I know I am loved I love, by All life and nature.
I can go to the trees and they give me solace and comfort, as they remind me of Who and Whose I AM.

When times feels dark and difficult:
I just keep things moving.
I keep looking for the light.
I seek for ease.
I look for the opening and flow.
I let go of what is hard and scary.
I turn away from the closed doors and find the open ones.
I open my eyes wide and look beneath the apparency and beyond the challenge or obstacle.
I seek happiness , harmony and peace.
I choose to be happy and give up needing to be right.
I ask for spiritual guidance rather than worldly advice.
I choose inner authority rather than outer experts.
I seek and find always to remember the loving way.
I request of my whole self that I free myself from the traps and illusions of the world.
I remind myself to trust in all that is whole and Holy, good and Godly.

I am having a human experience, just the same as you.
I have chosen not to live on a mountain top or live in a cave or monastery.
I am living in the world, experiencing the challenges of remembering Truth in a sea of unconsciousness.
I am an inspired and inspiring Spiritual Being.
I am here to walk in the world, remembering I Am not of the world.

And so it is for You, Dear One.
You and I are spiritual sojourners.
We are reminders, as we remember.
We are teachers, as we demonstrate.
We are leaders, as we lead by example.
We are a blessing one to another.

With gratitude and respect.
Betty Lue