Friday, July 01, 2005

What Others Think of You

What others think of you is none of your business.
What you think of you is what matters.

What others believe about you is insignificant.
What you believe about yourself and your life inspires or discourages you.

How others see you is, at the best, the highest way they see themselves or the worst they know within.
How you see yourself keeps you learning, healing and growing or quitting on yourself.

How others respect and treat you is a reflection of their own self care and must not offend you.
How you respect and treat yourself teaches others how to respect and treat themselves.

You are unlimited.
Your past cannot define you unless you so choose.
Your mistakes do not hold you back unless you let them.
Your current relationships, education and finances cannot block your potential, unless you so allow.
You are free and unlimited to create the image, expression and lifestyle you choose.
You are only limited by the definitions you have chosen to believe and accept.

Your denial of others' opinions and projections is a powerful protective device.
You can choose to let go of worldly opinion now
Know that you are whole, creative and free in this and every moment.
Choose your attitude, emotions, state of health and life path that serves your highest good.
Let go of allowing anyone to limit you. Forgive yourself for limiting yourself.
Be free and know you are magnificent, abundant, and limitless.

Forgive yourself for limiting anyone with your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and opinions.
Give your best to see the best in all that is.

It is so for you and all creation.
Loving you,
Betty Lue