Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The Easy Way

Life can be fun, safe and easy.
Do you realize how you make life difficult?
Are you willing to find the easy way?

Are you attached to challenges, trials and tribulations?
Is suffering and martyrdom the way to heavenly rewards?
Does our Creator, Universal Parent want us to struggle?

Are you a believer in "no pain, no gain"?
Do you look for problems and find them?
Is your focus on disaster or delight?

Unconsciously much of our culture and religious heritage believes in pain.
I believe in happiness.
Many people believe life is a serious business which requires emotional intensity.
I believe in fun and play.
Some suggest that caution is required to avoid the pitfalls and difficulties.
I believe in the spontaneity and trust that come from joy within.

To stop blocking the fun, safe and easy path:
Let go of control.
Realize you can only control yourself, your thoughts, feelings and behaviors.
Stop worrying.
Let go of this unhappy habit which leads no where.
Give up judging and comparing.
You fatigue yourself, slow the process and someone always loses.
Relinquish wishing and wanting.
Attachment to desires is the road to unhappiness and suffering.

To experience life as happier, safer and easier:
Trust your heart to know.
Listen within to the inner voice of Joy and Love.
Do what comes naturally.
Smile. Laugh. Love. Give. Appreciate what is right here and now.
Change your mind.
Learn how to turn on a positive attitude and practice daily.
Focus on the Good.
See the blessings in the rising sun, running water, helpful people, being alive.

You can choose to live on a path of happiness and watch the world learn with you.
You can choose to experience inner peace and offer a safe place of loving and letting go to others.
You can choose to flow with what is because it is simply easier than resisting and causing pain.
You can choose. Your experience of life is yours to choose.

Loving you,
Betty Lue