Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Commit to Your Best

Are you committed to comfort or to excellence?
Are you going for wealth or worth?
Are you living your highest potential or mediocrity?
Are you drawn to be impeccable or fallible?

Do you use the excuse of being "only Human"?
Are you afraid to step up and lead the way?
Do you play small and inadequate to be invisible?
Are you about just making it through or are you about making something of your life?

Are you proud of your willingness to learn and grow?
Are you content with your forgiveness of mistakes?
Are you grateful for what you have achieved?
Do you feel confident and pleased with yourself and your life?

It may be out of favor to be your best.
It may be fashionable to dress sloppy and informal.
It may be "cool" to have an attitude of disrespect and irresponsibility.
It may be true that adolescence now lasts until 30+ years.

Why are we supporting laziness?
Why do we pamper the unwilling?
Why do we encourage not caring?
Why do we let our children just get by?

We need inspiration.
We need strength and courage.
We need authentic leadership.
We need to give our best in all our relationships.
We need to remember our value by seeing it in action.
We need to give for the joy of giving rather than to get in return.
We need to see for excellence and mastery.
We need to better ourselves and our lives though constant growth.
We need to appreciate those who step forward and achieve excellence.
We need to value those who love and serve and make a difference.
We need to teach out children respect, responsibility and cooperation.
We need to lead by example and serve those who practice what they teach.

Let us recommit to give the best we have by support the best within ourselves.
Loving you,
Betty Lue