Saturday, December 31, 2005

Life is a Playful Workshop

Take life seriously and you may feel disappointed.
Take life lightly and you will be amazed.

As this transformative Year 2005 comes to a close, there is still work to be done.
You can clean up and begin anew or carry along the garbage and emotional residue from the past.

Highly recommended this weekend or as soon as possible:
Clear your kitchen cupboards and frig of all that is not highest and best for you.
Clean your closets and drawers of belongings that have not been used in the last year.
Release from your memorabilia what no longer has value or is needed to be retained.
Let go of everything that does not bring you positive energy.
Cling to nothing that is not beneficial and life-giving to you and yours.

Some rituals that may help:
List all limiting habits, emotions and patterns you are ready to release and burn or bury them.
Bless your self and that which you are releasing, so you fully receive the gifts, learning and healing.

Ask yourself what you have believed all your life that may no longer be true for you.
Ask yourself what you have attached to that may be holding you back.
Ask yourself what you have allowed to hurt you, scare you or anger you that you can now let go.
Ask yourself who you may have dismissed, rejected or abandoned that you now choose to love.
Ask yourself what you have denied yourself that you now chose to claim.
Ask what patterns you have re-experienced again and again that you can now undo.
Ask what direction and focus you now choose to guide and inspire your daily life.
Ask what matters most to you and then choose to live your life with that as your North Star.

I am loving you,
Betty Lue

The end of year memories may not be welcomed, because they come with a residue of grief or guilt, emotional pain.
However, when you get through resisting the unwanted feelings, there is a rainbow of Son Light.
And in the Light you find the yellow brick road to true and lasting freedom and happiness.
Our real work here is to undo everything that is not wholly (holy) True and Holy Loving.
Let us begin........

Friday, December 30, 2005

Mistakes are Human

"To err is human. To forgive, Divine."

Join not with me in justifying or denying our human mistakes.
But rather see them as earthly learning and exploration.
To 'mis-take' is to perceive falsely or inaccurately.
To justify our "missed perception" is to err again.
I ask you only to clear my errors with your forgiveness.

Often we join with others and "humanize" our learning.
We attach to the "bell curve by acknowledging…"We all do that."
What if we would instantly see the blessing?
What if we collectively forgive our judgments of the mistake?
What if we undid our attachment to the behavior?
What if we saw it all as exploration?
What if we simply valued the learning?

Forgiveness is Divine, for it is seeing the gift that remains when all else is erased with love.
Forgiveness is the Light that shines away the darkness of judgment.
Forgiveness offers the opportunity to bless all experiences in life.
Forgiveness allows me to receive the Abundance of Love in all that is.

Forgive me my errors.
Bless our learning together.
For you are truly Divine.

Someone asked T'ou-tzu, "How is it when there is no mistake moment to moment?"
T'ou-tzu said, "Bragging."

Loving and blessing our learning together,
Betty Lue

Written from Me to me to understand more of how we agree, defend and even exalt others' limitations and errors.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Anatomy of Illness

How do we make ourselves sick physically?
How did I give myself a two day sick sabbatical?
It was easier than you might imagine.

Stress compromises the immune system.
Holiday stress for me was not in buying (we do no special holiday gifts), but in planning and cooking for 18 people on Christmas Day and 10 people the next day. I did it all myself while maintaining my already full schedule of activities. The joy and ease came when I did my baking of 6 pies and 48 muffins on Christmas Eve. The stress came when I did the meal in the three hours prior to dinner. (I chose to participate in the twins first Christmas morning from 8-10AM.)

Using the body lovelessly is a prescription for sickness.
The stress was in giving myself too much to do in too short time.
When I push and rush, I set the stage for fatigue and physical stress.

Inadequate nutrition stresses the body.
Changing my diet from organic home-prepared, nutritionally sound to allowing myself to eat the goodies presented for the holidays, sets up the body for being susceptible to illness.

Lack of inner peace opens the door to illness.
Any form of worry or concern for family members rather than trusting all is well. Getting caught up in managing logistics with everyone feeling happy and well-served opened a crack in my usual inner peace.

So I spent my last two days forgiving.
I forgive myself for stressing.
I forgive myself to trying too hard.
I forgive myself for rushing and pushing.
I forgive myself for worrying.
I forgive myself making myself sick.
I forgive myself for not feeding myself well.
I forgive myself for making myself sick to get rest.
I forgive myself for getting sick to be alone.
I forgive myself.

And I appreciate my willingness to learn from everything.
I appreciate that I teach what I am learning.
I appreciate that I can easily share my life learning.

Forgiveness is healing.
Loving myself is healing.
Appreciation is healing.
Spending two days in bed with lots of water, rest and self -love works.

I love everything I did this holiday.
While I will change some of it next year, I just might do some of it the same again.
So be it.

Keep yourself as well as you choose.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Monday, December 26, 2005

Gratitude for Giving

The opportunity to give Love and Joy are a great gift to me.
As I forgive, so I am forgiven.
As I offer healing, so I am healed.
As I perceive your wholeness, so I know my own.
As I honor your holiness, so I am honoring my holy Self.
What I give I receive.
For all that I give is given to my One Self.
Our One Self is our True Self, the perfect Son/Daughter of Goodness and God.

Love created us loving.
Holiness created us holy.
Goodness created us good.
The Almighty created us unlimited in Power and Peace.

While it seems impossible that limited, lacking and lowly human beings could be all this,
We are this and more, when we have washed away our judgments, fears and doubts.

It is through living, loving and giving that we come to recognize the amazing gifts with we have. Our Creator and Source, the Power and Presence within us, has given us all we need and more.

We need only love ourselves enough to receive the Greatness and use is wisely.
We need only forgive ourselves of the past limitations and self-limiting thoughts, words and deeds.
We need only honor our source as Infinite and we will awaken to the infinite within us.
We need only be grateful for the learning and the letting go to come to know "All is Well."

I awaken everyday to the opportunity to forgive yesterday and choose again this day, this moment.
I imagine each day where I want to go, what I want to give and to whom.
I envision each day consciously how I choose to think and act and what I want to say.
I am creating my life day by day through what I choose to give.

All that I give is given to myself.
Only I can deny myself anything.
With or without worldly resources, there is always enough to answer any request.
I need withhold nothing. I need not be careful. I need only give all I am given.
What I need is given through me.
Giving is the path of enlightenment.
It is in fully giving that we realize the fullness of the Gift we are.

Loving you fully,
Betty Lue

Here is a holy unlimited gift of Love, just giving by doing nothing. You are the same. A child of pure Love, here to simply Love.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Joy to the World

Christmas Day, 2005

Christmas Child

Be as a child,
New with each day.
Be as a child,
Joy in your play.

Be as a child
Full of delight.
Be as a child,
Know everything's right.

Be as a child,
Claim everyone "friend".
Be as a child,
Know trust without end.

Be as a child,
At peace in Love's arms.
Be as a child,
Safe from all harm.

Be as a child,
Happy and free.
Be as a child,
Let go and let be.

Be as a child,
Filled with Love's Light.
Be as a child,
Shine Love ever bright.

Be as a child,
Honest and true.
Be as a child,
Always be You.


Peace is our goal.
Joy is our purpose.
Love is our function.

When we have forgiven all the unlove we made up, we return to innocence.
When we are innocent and trusting, we love naturally and share our Joy.
When we are loving and happy, we are healthy, creative and live purposefully.

We are the Light in the darkness.
We are here to shine away the darkness.
We are here to love away the fear.
We are here to create what is loving and good for all.
We are here to be the gifts that keep on giving.
We are here to simply enjoy life and be grateful for the Love we give.

Christmas is the time to awaken the Spirit of natural giving.
Christmas is the reminder that pure Love lives within each one of us.
Christmas is the symbol of the birth of hope, healing and happiness.
Christmas is the invitation to learn from the Great Ones to be forgiving and compassionate to All.

This symbolic birth day is our celebration of One Who came to show the Way.
Born in lowly circumstances, profoundly loved by His parents, taught by wise ones, working with His hands, opening His heart to the rejected and abandoned of his society, claiming only to do what He was guided to do from within, He never asked for anything more than to teach his people how to treat one another and to love God.

Each one of us has a purpose and mission to fulfill.
When we are living what is True for us, we will be happy and free.
Each one of us can dedicate our lives as a gift, willing to love unconditionally, serve from the heart and remember God with Gratitude.

I love you and bless you.
I thank you and value you.
I celebrate You and all you are.

Betty Lue

Thank you for joining me on this spiritual journey.
Thank you for receiving my gifts with respect and gratitude.
Thank You for supporting us all with your prayers and your contribution.
Thank you for your love and for giving your positive energy to what you value.
Thank you for knowing that we are all in this together...
Thank you for healing, transforming and co-creating our experience of this world.
Thank you for enjoying what is given with joyful appreciation for the Good of all.

I appreciate YOU!
Betty Lue

Saturday, December 24, 2005

More Light and De Light, Please!

Renewed hope in glorious future for all humanity.
Renewed faith in the Presence of Love and Peace.
Renewed commitment to a Good Life for All.
Renewed joy and gratitude for all children.

Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza, Solstice all symbolize the return of light, hope and possibility.
We, as a global family, gather to remember we are in this universal school together, all students.
There is so much opportunity to awaken our imagination, creativity and gratitude consciousness.
What we conceive and believe we can and will achieve, as we have believed it to be.

What is your part in this awesome plan?
How do you intend to bring more light to your life?
How can you make the lives of others a little brighter?
Who can you bless with the Joy and Delight in you?

Enjoy today an everyday shining the Light within you on everyone you encounter.
Your light and Love bless this earth and all humanity.
Let us teach love by bringing more awareness of the Love that already is.

Always and forever loving you,
Betty Lue

The greatest gift of all are the children of Love, born to this Earth to remind us—to renew our innocent trust and simple desire to love and be loved.
Harper and Lila are now almost 8 months old and full of love, laughter and curiosity.

Santa’s helpers are all of you who know love is the magic and giving love is the path to joy.
Betty Lue

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Love All the Little Children

When all the children are truly loved, we will have peace on Earth.
We will have no war, no famine, no disease when all the children are well loved.
We will have peace and joy, gratitude and celebration, freedom and creativity for all.
When all children are safe and warm in loving homes with kind parents, we will all prosper.
When all the children are loved, we will all be happy and at peace.

How do we love them all?
Right now there are over 500,000 children with no family in our country alone.
And millions of children around the globe are hungry and alone.
Taking one child into your heart and home would be an immeasureable gift for everyone.
Making one child feel safe and loved would bring the possibility of so much more to others.
Each one of us can love the children we see, the children we talk with, the children we know.

How can we love all the children?
Speak kind encouraging words.
Welcome them with smiles.
Offer opportunities to be helpful.
Invite creative possibilities.
Share stories of wisdom and courage.
Inviting learning and teaching.
Model kindness and respect.
Speak with love to all ages.
Contribute your very best.
Be totally present.
Make no assumptions.
Keep your agreements.
Give patiently and generously.
Spend more time and give fewer things.
Listen more and talk less.
Let them have space and silence.
Imagine every child having a home.
Forgive their mistakes.
Learn to laugh and play.
Forgive all mistakes and encourage new choices.
Let everyone have a turn.
Support quality education for every child.
Find win-win solutions.
Recognize we are all children in our hearts.
Let go of seriousness, danger and difficulty.
Give them responsibility and freedom.
Enjoy spending quality time.
Explore the world with curiosity.
Teach cooperation by modeling it at home and work.
Enjoy your life, so kids believe life can be fun, safe and easy.
Teach love, not fear.
Love all the children well.

Everyone of us is a child inside.
First love yourself into feeling safe and happy.
Then it is natural to love everyone.

Betty Lue

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Only Love is Real. All else is illusion.

Where we are joined in agreement, we make up the world we see.
Our perceptions reflect what we want to see.
When we seek agreement, we will find it.
In our need to be right, we have made a "reality" that is not right for us.

In our unknowing we have built a dream that reflects our fear and crazy attempts to overcome our fear.
In our ignorance we have chosen paths of protection and defensiveness against evil dreams of our making.
In our righteousness we continue to prove our choices to fight "holy" wars against our brothers.
In our insanity, we have created the terror and the terrorists by forsaking the Love we are.

In Light we will know what is right.
In the Light we will stop the inner fight.
In the Light we will shine away fear.
In the Light we will remember what is clear.

Dis-ease is the lack of peace.
Dis-aster is defying nature.
Delay is denying what is now.
Destruction is tearing down.

It is all right that we should lose ourselves in order to find ourselves.
It is helpful to learn the inner power of healing and remembering wholeness.
It is valuable to see we create what we are valuing.
It is empowering to reclaim our Union with All Power and All Presence of Love.

We are choosing or losing everyday as we will it to be.
We are experiencing what we have chosen or relinquished by our own decision.
We learn by believing we are alone and separate or by realizing we are all one and united with Source.
We are vicitmized by being at the effect of our experience or empowering ourselves by changing our mind with forgiveness and gratitude.

Now is the time to forgive all errant choices or laziness in not choosing.
Now is the time to value the learning of the presence relationships and circumstances.
Now is the time to choose a future of hope and faith, love and peace.
Now is the time to forgive and choose again with full appreciation for the gift of life and learning.

Now is the time.
We are the Ones.
Betty Lue

All of us are playing in order to learn...... Just babies playing with pretending to be devils and angels. No judgment...just playing. Keep laughing and letting the light shine on your life. De Light will lead you to health, happiness and freedom. (Betty Lue and Robert with 7 1/2 month old babies Lila and Harper.)

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Peace On Earth

Peace on earth begins with you and me.
It is through our thoughts that we convey peace.
From our peace-filled thoughts come our words and actions.
When our minds are full of Light, we will give only Light.

Winter Solstice, the darkest time of the year, is the opportunity to reclaim the Light we are.
To find the Light within, we must let go of the darkness.
To see the Light within, we must forgive all judgment.
To enlighten our mind, we must plug into the Source of All Light.
To be fully enlightened, we must choose the Light.
To claim the Light we are, we must appreciate and value the Source of All Light.

You cannot give what you do not have.
Words of wisdom and conditional love and light are not enough.
Give first to yourself the ease and abundance, the clarity and oneness, the peace and joy.
Assure yourself and rest in God and the Goodness that lies within all humanity when we are at Peace.
Let yourself have what is your Divine inheritance, your sacred right and your holy purpose.

Be willing to be happy and peaceful, loving and kind…to yourself and to others.
Be willing to let go of the past and be grateful for the gift of now.
Be willing to enjoy this moment and learn from everyone and everything.
Be willing to give the Good you have to behold the Good You Are.
Be willing to love all for the joy of loving.
Be willing and know You are Good.

Where there is fear, give Love.
Where there is struggle, give ease.
Where there is neediness, give abundance.
Where there is confusion, give clarity.
Where there is separation, give union.
Where there is conflict, give peace.
Where there is sorrow, give joy.
Where there is insecurity, give assurance.
Where there is fatigue, give rest.

In this we shall know Peace in our hearts and minds.
In this we shall behold Peace on Earth.

May Peace reign on Earth in the heart of humanity,
Betty Lue

The Love of God lives in each one of us. Give the Love You Are.
Betty Lue

Monday, December 19, 2005

Fighting for What?

When you are tired and hungry, you may start a fight.
When you are hot and bothered, you may start a fight.
When you are unhappy and upset, you may start a fight.
When you are sacrificing and unappreciative, you may start a fight.

Love does not participate in meaningless and draining activities.
Love does not start fights.
Love does not feel resentment or hostility.
Love does not feel offended or defensive.
Love stops fights before they start.

Most people protect their right to be right.
Most people attack back when they feel attacked.
Most people defend their position.
Most people hate being criticized, shamed or yelled at.

You are not "most people". (If you are reading this reminder!)

Love listens.
Love is respectful.
Love is kind and patient.
Love speaks without attack or criticism.
Love makes no one wrong.
Love responds only when helpful.
Love gives love when there is a need for love.
Love is generous and allowing.
Love offers the best we have to everyone.

It takes two to fight.
If you do not participate, there will be no fighting.
If you are forgiving, there will always be love.
If you remember to give what is needed, there will be no lack.
If you are appreciative and valuing, there will be no shame.
If you listen first to fully understand, there will be peace given.

To walk in the other guy's shoes requires a willingness to give up your position and righteousness.
When you fully understand, you will no longer be seen as adversary and your gifts will be received.
You are here to give your best to those who can open to receive the best you have.
You can help others to open fully to your warmth and love when you are safe and non-judging.
When you are consistently respectful, you become trustworthy.
Remember one day at a time.

If this sounds saintly, it is.
Life is for giving and you are the gift.
Only in giving the gift of yourself will you realize how unlimited in power and peace you are.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Stop the Insanity

Whenever crazy things happens, we can let go immediately and return to sanity.
Whenever people do or say things that are unloving, we can offer them loving kindness.
Whenever people are unforgiving, we can choose to forgive them.
Whenever the world seems chaotic, we can create order in our lives.
Whenever people are fighting, we can make peace and extend it.
Whenever life seems overwhelming, we can breathe, simplify and attend to what matters.

In other words, stop joining the insanity.
Start living with peace and harmony in your mind and heart.
People may invite us to join the crazy, meaningless and unkind world.
We can choose to decline and create sane, meaningful and respectful activities.

Say "no" simply.
Speak kindness consistently.
Act forgiving patiently.
Live peacefully for your own sake.

What is blessed and best for you is truly a gift to All.
Whatever is nourishing, gentle and healing for you is Good for All.
What you do to love you well, brings the gift of a healed You to our world.

Seek to see only holiness in yourself and others and your life will be a healing Light unto the world.

Blessing you with a bit of inspired sanity,
Betty Lue

”We’re in this together...she’s my Sister!”

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Peace Within

Remember this world cannot give us peace.
Friends and family cannot give us peace.
Fame and fortune cannot give us peace.
Approval and appreciation cannot give us peace.

All things of this world may give us temporary contentment, satisfaction and happiness.
The externals do not last and change with time and circumstance.

Peace can only be cultivated within ourselves.
Peace is a state of mind that is found our spiritual awareness.
Inner peace is unchanging.
It lasts no matter what the situation.
It is shared freely with those we encounter and touch with our lives.
It is extended when we think of others and when they think of us.
Peace is our natural inheritance.

"To live in the world, but be not of it" is to remember our origin, our home, our true Essence.
To be at peace comes with the forgiveness of all things and the gift of remembering.

Remembering Peace,
Betty Lue

See true peace below.
"When those who "see" speak, it is not to convince others. They do it to guide and awaken the consciousness of those that are destined to follow the path of illumination. Their words are for the nourishment of the spirit." Thanks, Suzy.

Baby Sofia Grace at 6 weeks old.
What a gift of God’s Love!

Friday, December 16, 2005


"Right speech, harmlessness,
Restraint in speaking ill of others,
Moderation in food, at peace in remoteness and solitude,
Devotion to higher meditation.
This is the teaching of the Buddhas."
-Dhammapada 185

I am inspired by the dunset and the wind.
I am inspired by written and spoken words.
I am inspired by the face of babies or the elderly.
I am inspired by kindness and wisdom.
I am inspired by holy books and by poetry.
I am inspired by creativity and beauty.
I am inspired by cleaning and by counseling.
I am inspired by live and by death.

The words above are an inspiring reminder, succinct and without subtlety.
I am inspired.

May you be inspired,
Betty Lue
800-919-2392 or email me.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Holidays Are Holy Days

Gifts are not necessary to give love.
Buying is not required to celebrate Christmas.
Giving things is not needed to feel the joy of the season.

Let's really ask ourselves, how can I give hope and faith and love?
Let's encourage ourselves to create a new tradition for Christmas.
Let's consider that the customary gift-giving may not be best for all.
Let's imagine that we could begin a new way of valuing one another.

What is the most sacred way for you to celebrate this holiday?
What is the greatest gift you could possibly receive?
What is the most lasting and important gift you have to give?
Who is it that most needs your love and kindness today?

Everyday is Christmas when we remember.
Love is Who We Are.
Everything unlike Love is calling for Love.
The only real gift is one which lasts.

Ideas for you to consider.
Letters of forgivenenss.
Notes of appreciation.
Memories and photos of loving times.
Acts of service and kindness.
Promises to spend time with others.
Arranging trips or vacations for your loved ones.
Playing games together.
Only give what is needed and wanted.
Talking about important ideas.
Sharing a meal with gratitude and grace.'
Going to those in need to share song and Christmas cheer.
Packing up food and toys for those who have none.
Donating money to your favorite cause.
Playing the gift exchange game with everyone in your family.
Just say I love you a lot!!!

Betty Lue

Can you imagine how much fun it is to play with, learn with and love these two cherubs?

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Christmas is Coming: Are you Ready?

In the midst of darkness, the Light comes.
From the cruelty of the world, Love is born.
In the center of injustice, there is a call for what is Good for All.
From the busy, expensive and materialistic world, is born the quiet, simple gift of God's Love.
For the hopeless, hope is given.
For the bereft and lost, Spirit is revealed so that all may find their way.

The Light lives in you.
The Light is the joy and ecstasy you may feel when you are feeling afully alive and in love.
The Light is the radiance that shines from you when you reach out in givingness to others.
The Light is the quiet mind filled with the inspiration of Spirit.
The Light is the open heart filled with healing wisdom and inspiring guidance.
Christmas is the coming of the Light.
Christmas is the awakening of the Light in you.
Christmas is the rebirth of hope.
Christmas begins in you and me and the light that shines from the natural Love We Are.

What does it take to experience the Love Light in You?
Clear the fear.
Forgive the pain.
Undo the unreal.
Turn away from the temptations.
Give up the addictions.
Stop the insanity.
Choose for the Love.
Seek only the Light.

Loving you in the remembrance of the Love in which and for which we are created.
Betty Lue

Take time daily (5 minutes minimum) to be still with no distraction.
Sit and do nothing.
Listen within.
Write down what you see and hear and feel.
Forgive all your judgments and concerns.
Be open for spiritual guidance and wisdom.
Read what you have received and written.
Appreciate and value everything that comes from Love.

Please join us for Holiday Events in our home.

Solstice Celebration:
"Calling Forth the Light and Delight!"
(For light workers and those committed to live in Love.)
Silence and Sharing, Spiritual Guidance and Respectful Celebration
Wednesday, Dec. 21, 7-9:30PM, Our home in Walnut Creek.
Let me know you are coming please. 800-919-2392 (leave a message)
or Cell 324-2409 for directions.
New Year's Eve Workshop :
“Fun, Food, Forgiveness and Forecasting the Future”
Bring in 2006 with forgiveness, gratitude and responsible choice.
Let go with gratitude, envision with joy and live with love.
Saturday, December 31, 1-5PM, Our Home in Walnut Creek.
Please arrive on time to enjoy the full workshop.
Suggested Contribution $15-$25 or love offering.
Bring your favorite food to share.
Please call to confirm space. 800-919-2392 (leave a message)

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Happiness Is Your Gift to YourSelf

Happiness is creative.
Happiness is contented.
Happiness is healing.
Happiness is contagious.
Happiness is enlightening.
Happiness is loving.
Happiness is open-minded.
Happiness is patient.
Happiness is simple.
Happiness is forgiving.
Happiness is present.
Happiness is joyful.
Happiness is innocent.
Happiness is playful.
Happiness is trusting.
Happiness is honest.
Happiness is gentle.
Happiness is appreciative.
Happiness is faith-filled.
Happiness is safe, fun and easy.

When we are happy, we are at home with ourselves.
When we are happy, we are at peace in our lives.
When we are happy, we are free to choose.
Being happy is our natural state.

Forgive being unhappy.
Forgive making unhappy choices.
Forgive others' unhappiness.

Choosing happiness, no matter what.
Betty Lue

Are you choosing what supports your authentic happiness?
Are the foods you eat supporting a happy body?
Do the media sounds and sights support your happiness?
Are you associating with those who encourage your happiness?
Do you participate in activities which increase your happiness?

You alone are responsible for being happy.
You alone are responsible for making choices that support your happiness.
Begin now.
Gently let go with forgiveness and gratitude and choose again with love and joy.

2006 Programs for Learning, Healing and Fun!
Please join me for these inspiring programs and possibilities this coming year.
**See the newsletter in the menu bar to the left for full details.**

Monday, December 12, 2005

Make Yourself Happy

And if you want to begin now:
Simple exercises :
List 20 wants (I want..) quickly.
List 10 “loves” (I love...)
Observe how you spend the 24 hours in your day. Make a note of it.
Ask yourself how you want to spend your ideal 24 hours. Make a note.
What do you believe keeps you from having what you want, doing what you love and living your ideal?
How can you let go of the beliefs, attitudes and judgments that hold you back?
How can you begin making your current life more ideal?

Life is often about doing what you thought others wanted from you and for you.
True living is about honoring what you want for yourself.

Are you willing and ready to love you?
How much do you care about being happy?
Are you willing to love and respect you at the highest level?
When we are truly happy, our happiness is contagious.
Others catch it. Others learn from it. Others enjoy it.

To be happy, you must live happiness.
Giving yourself what you think you want won't make you happy consistently.
There will always be something more you think you want more than what you have.
To find true and lasting happiness, you must give yourself the love you really want.
To live with lasting happiness, you must share your happiness with others.
To fully embrace being happy without fear of losing it, you must choose happiness.

We are created to be happy and peaceful.
We are invited to share our happiness and peace with others.

Be happy and free.
Betty Lue

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Attachment or Love?

We confuse attachment with love.
Attachment is concerned with my needs, my happiness, while love is an unselfish attitude, concerned with the needs and happiness of others....
A relationship free of unrealistic grasping is free of disappointment, conflict, jealousy, and other problems, and is the fertile ground for the growth of love and wisdom.
From Buddhist teachings.

Relationships simply show us where we are unhappy and unfulfilled.
Relationships bump the unhealed and unforgiven wounds of the past.
Relationships give us the opportunity to love ourselves in another.
Relationships are an obvious out-picturing of our relationship with Self.

When we focus on self cultivation and self knowledge, we stop expecting others to make us happy.

When we take responsibility for our own thoughts, words and actions, we cease judging others.
When we are honor our learning process and sacred life journey, we respect others' learning.
When we cease judging our whole life experience, we forgive our judgments of others choices.
When we love and respect our selves consistently, we are open to truly loving others unconditionally.

Our personal work is our real work.
Our inner garden requires a lifetime of care and cultivation.
Our inner enlightenment requires clearing the distortions of emotion and thought.
Our inner journey is our true path home.

Know thy Self.
Heal thy Self.
Take impeccable care of the One You Are.
You are the One You Seek to Love.
Listen consistently to your Authentic Self.

Loving you as I love me,
Betty Lue

In relationship coaching and counseling, I often am invited to respond to the issues of couples.
Criticism and blame is destructive. Self cultivation, healing and growth always is constructive.

Call me or see the Relationships Reminders Book in the menu bar to the left!!!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

What I Do

To heal we must love ourselves well.
To learn we must enjoy making mistakes.
To love we must clear the fear of trusting.
To relate we must perceive without judgment.
To create we must open our minds to the unlimited.
To be enlightened we must forgive all the darkness.
I have been asked what I do to help others both, personally and as a professional.
This my my inner response.

Am I Therapist, Coach, Consultant, Educator and/or Spiritual Guide?

What is it that I offer?
I see life from your perspective.
I trust you and free you to be you.
I discover your values and your path.
I respect your life journey as sacred.
I see and value your Authentic Self.
I join with you in creating what you want.
I encourage you to find what is true for you.
I help you laugh, let go, love and appreciate who you are.
I listen within to higher wisdom and honor inspired guidance.
I invite experimentation, observation and Self realization.
I open the door to other ways to communicate and relate.
I care and share everything I know that may be of value to you.
I meet with you in person, on the phone and in prayer, wherever best for you.
I provide knowledge, wisdom, observation, creativity and possible solutions.
I give the best I have and know and am each time we encounter one another.
I inspire, educate, facilitate and relate with real practical guidelines and reminders.
I love you well with all the love and wisdom, experience and knowledge I have received.

What I usually do not do:
I do not spend time getting acquainted. I know you intuitively more than from history.
I do not try to diagnose or analyze. I focus on goals and direction rather than how you are lost.
I do not judge, criticize or blame anyone. I celebrate your learning and living and letting go.
I do not try to fix, correct or convince you. I see your mistakes as valuable learning, not wrong or foolish.
I do not do your inner healing work for you. I believe you pay me to help you get strong, whole and free.
I do not take much time and money to begin. I facilitate independence and self healing.
I do not expect you to buy, follow or believe me. I relate to you with respect for your conscious choices.
I do not ask you to talk a lot about your problems. One telling is enough to help me see your perspective.
I do not encourage negativity or unfocused anger. Emotions are energy to be used for doing good.
I do not use guilt or negative feelings to motivate. Guilt begets repeating the same behavior.
I do not ask you to revisit past problems, pain and suffering. Remembering past wrongs keeps you stuck.
I do not believe your past determines your present or future. You are free to choose again each moment.
I do not give you permission to hurt or blame yourself or others. I invite forgiveness and gratitude.
I do not follow your lead into hatred, profanity or disrespect. I lead by modeling unconditional love.

With Love,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

It Takes a Village

Together, we can do anything with willingness, trust and gratitude.

It takes a village to raise a child well.
It takes a community to help a family thrive.
It takes a caring team to heal a person's life.
It takes all of us to bring peace to our world.
Feed the hungry.
Teach the ignorant.
Heal the dis-ease.
Befriend the lonely.
Meet the strangers.
Connect with the withdrawn.
Reach out to the elderly.
Read to the blind.
Comfort the grieving.
Assure the fearful.
Offer hope to the despairing.
Give inspiration to the heart sick.

Love matters.
Love makes a difference.
Love finds a way.
Love keeps on giving.
Love touches deeply.
Love respects differences.
Love responds with kindness.

How do we find a team?
How do we create a community?
Where do we find our village?

Intentional communities exist all over the planet.
Kiwanis, Rotary, churches and non-profits all invite members to participate.
When you find a fit for you, play until the game is no longer fun, safe and easy for you.
Express yourself, keep your agreements, give your best and take nothing personally.
The politics and dysfunctions of any organization or family belong to them.
Your work is to learn how to respond with love and respect for them and for the spirit within you.
Informal gatherings of people, committed to live in love and give from love, work.
Organization, complexity and money/time expenditures may diminish the natural joy.

I was raised in a family of helpers, those who sought always to treat others with respect and loving kindness.
Many times as a young child I was encouraged to be present, to be a helper, to give what I could.

At 10 years old I spent my summer as a mother's helper for a woman with an infant and a 2 yr. Old cerebral palsied child.
I helped Bobby learn to walk, feed himself and took care of him and his baby sister in many ways.
My youth was spent working with the "mentally retarded, inner city families, the elderly in nursing homes, hospitalized children and those kids left out in my school settings.
I learned to grow in love and faith, in kindness and comfort, in love and wisdom.
It was fun, safe and easy for me.
Now our world needs all this and so much more.

Having founded 14 non profit community healing centers in CA, MI, IN, NC, MT and building thousands of intimate healing relationships has taught me much. And there is so much still to learn. Following spiritual guidance and inner knowing, supporting my family and these centers financially, inviting those who really wanted to play and work together, we created Good for the joy of doing Good. Our own Good always expands and we are blessed. And if there is a problem, we practice the same spiritual principles that we offer to others. As a team, a cooperative, responsible and co-creative unit, we are inspired by one another to envision and do great things with gratitude, respect and love.

"What can I do?" is always the question I ask myself.
I begin with what I have and where I am.
I am beginning once again by asking you to join me in asking, "What can we do?"
Our world needs us.
Our families need us.
We need to help ourselves.

Let's begin.
Betty Lue

I am gathering those who want to support their own giving nature.
I am calling forth those who seek to give from their hearts.
I am inviting those who want to support other servers and light workers.
There is no money or time requirement, only that you honor your heart.
Some will meet through email.
Some will meet in person. Some will work and play together.
Some will watch and pray and love.
Some will learn and some will teach.
All will be blessed.
It is in giving that we receive.
Is there something more you want to do with your life?
Call me at 800-919-2392 or email me here.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Life is for Giving

Note: See my holiday newsletter this week on the left hand menu bar and in the mail for ways to be inspired and supported in giving.
See Santa’ Helpers below!!

This holiday is the giving time of year.
Many are taught Christmas is the getting time of year.
"If you are good, you will get."

When there is enough giving, there will be no lack.
When there is enough caring, there will be no shame.
When there is enough love, there will be no fear.
When there is enough joy, there will be no pain.

When we each give freely what we have been given, we will see no emptiness in our lives.
When we each reach out with love in our hearts, we will see an end to fear and distrust.
When we each share our God-given talents, we will see a world blessed with creativity and enjoyment.
When we each sing and dance our uniqueness, we will see an explosion of freedom and fulfillment.

Where can I begin my dance of freedom?
How do I share my natural gifts with my world?
Who can I touch with my kindness and warmth?
What can I contribute and to whom?

When our focus is on giving, we begin to experience how much we have.
When our focus is on getting, it seems we always want more.
When we care about others, we find more than enough love within us.
When we care only about ourselves, our emptiness and neediness grow.
When we commit to make a difference, we give without ceasing.
When we are committed to our own security and satisfaction, our hunger is insatiable.

Giving with gratitude fills us with joy.
Forgetting about our fears opens the way to assure others.
Living each day to the fullest ensures fulfillment.
Remembering all humanity is our family gives us many souls to touch and teach and nurture.

Life offers us infinite paths of loving kindness.
When we are willing to give for the sake of giving, love becomes our reason for living.

Loving you all with an endless and careless Love,
Betty Lue

Thank you for reading these reminders. Thanks for sharing them with those you Love. Thanks for living a life of giving. Thanks for blessing all of us in your prayers. Thanks for letting me Love You. Betty Lue

Harper and Lila are now 7 months old and full of love, laughter and curiosity. Robert and I are blessed to be with them on Mondays and Fridays. Feeling safe and loved frees them to trust our world, trust themselves and to explore and learn with great delight... Santa’s helpers are all of you who know love is the magic and giving love is the path to joy. Betty Lue

Sunday, December 04, 2005

What's Missing!

Having just attended the memorial and celebration of the life for a beautiful sensitive and compassionate 28 year old young man,
I ask myself what is missing here on earth? Maybe we are!

I wonder how many are addicted to ending the pain.
I wonder who is just hanging on until it will all end.
I wonder how many feel lonely and abandoned.
I wonder who feels no love and lives in the cold.
I wonder how many children are going to bed with no supper.
I wonder who tucks them in and blesses their sleep.
I wonder how many use the television people to keep them company.
I wonder how many amazing talents are wasted with neglect.
I wonder how many people are hooked on drugs, both legal and illegal.
I wonder how many elderly and shut-ins are afraid of dying alone.
I wonder who has time to care.
I wonder who is discouraged, depressed and despairing.
I wonder how much it costs us to smile, to hug, to spend time.
I wonder who knows there is something more than simple survival.
I wonder who feels the call to help, to really do something good.
I wonder how we can change our society one by one to reach out with love.
I wonder if the only way to wake us up is to grieve the death of someone close.
I wonder if we can each make a difference by ourselves.
I wonder how much it would cost to begin right now.

What can we do to reach out with Love?
What can we do to do to heal our mistakes?
What can we do to be totally present and truly care?
What can we do to touch the heart of each one we meet?
What can we do to let everyone know we really care?
What can we do to not let money, time and busyness interfere?
What can we do to stop fixing, judging and expecting?
What can we do to create a safe, helpful and kind world for everyone?

I know we can each do our part everyday with everyone.
Together supporting, inspiring and encouraging one another we can do even more.

If you are feeling a need to "DO SOMETHING", please, email me or call.
I am seeking awakening compassionate people who want to serve with Love=Freedom and Trust.
I am inviting you to join with me to build a place where people feel safe and get the help they seek.
I am calling forth servers who want to connect , physically, mentally and spiritually with other servers.
No cost except you willingness to listen within and be guided by your heart connection with Spirit.

This is the season of Giving with Love.
This is the time to lift our voices with hope and faith.
This is the time to encourage one another.
We are each blessed with what really matters.
Let us be grateful and give what really matters.

Loving you with my whole Being,
Betty Lue

Saturday, December 03, 2005

No Fighting, Yelling or Swearing, Please

Dumping toxins on loved ones is a bad habit.
Just because we were dumped on, does not give us the right to dump on others.
Just because we have strong feelings, doesn't entitle us to dump negativity whenever we feel like it.
Just because the world seems to be a garbage dump, doesn't mean we should join the pollution gang.

Some people feel that expressing all feelings is healthy.
Pooping is healthy, but not in the living room or kitchen.
Healthy emotions are energy in motion.
Healthy emotions are used to do good.
When we judge ourselves and others, we cannot let go.
The emotional movement stops or slows and the energy becomes toxic.
When emotions are clogged, we get constipated with rage or depression, craziness and obsession.
To clear emotional pipes, we must create safe and effective emotional colonics and enemas.
Negative feelings become toxic and poisonous to us, when we hold and suppress them.
Negative feelings are toxic and poisonous to those who receive them and believe them.
Negative feelings are the waste product of ineffective living and unhealthy life choices.
These toxic emotions are meant to be pooped in private or in a therapeutic environment.

To let go and blast ugliness and unkindness, wherever we feel the intensity, makes others sick.
The sickness spreads and our culture becomes infected.

We have an epidemic of disrespect, anger and fear.
We have family systems and relationships where fighting and hatred is the expected behavior.
We have homes where children and parents yell at each other.
We have sitcoms where swearing and disrespect is "funny".
We have classrooms and schools where children fight and are violent in language and behavior.
We have communities and freeways where people use guns and knives to end disputes.
We seem to believe that war, hatred and violence is usual and to be expected.

Peace begets peace.
Respect creates respect.

Taking responsibility for our thoughts and feelings and behavior is the first step.
You are not responsible for my thoughts, emotions and behavior. I Am.
When I take responsibility for the cold I have, I don't try to give it to you.
I take care of myself, until I get well.
When I have to poop or puke, I go into the bathroom and close the door.
I clean up my own messes, mistaken choices, and hurts.
I don't try to dump them on you with blame or guilt.
I don't expect you to make my life better and safer and more loving and fun.
I let go with inner work, journaling, forgiveness, exercise, breath, gratitude, affirmation, etc.
I make amends for any harm I may have done.
I can apologize, correct my behavior, ask for help, make better choices, take impeccable care of me.
I mind my own business and clean my own house, inner and outer.
If I am asked by another to help clean up their life, their home and make better choices, I consider my own first.
I make sure I am totally willing and able to help, without sacrifice.
I listen and practice with integrity everything I say and do to help another.
I do not offer help, advice or counsel unless specifically asked.
I use the opportunity to help, when asked, to remind me, reaffirm my choices and commit to conscious respectful living.

Choosing consciously to speak and act with respect, kindness and openness to all, including myself.
Betty Lue

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Healing Feelings

Some heal with talking about feelings.
Some heal with prayer.
Some heal with doing something constructive.
Some heal with forgiveness.
Some choose to stay unhealed as protection.
Some heal by opening to gratitude.
Some heal by simply letting go.
Some heal with ritual.
Some heal with emotional catharsis.
Some heal with bodywork.
Some heal with time.
Some choose to live with a reservoir of unexpressed pain.
Some heal by being creative.
Some heal by doing good.
Some heal by listening to the other.
Some heal by requesting help from God.
Some choose to stay stuck with the toxins.

We cannot heal another.
We can choose to heal ourselves.
We cannot prevent others from negativity.
We can choose to dis-empower its impact on us.
We cannot make another better or fix the past.
We can choose to love others and to forgive the past.
We cannot help those who seek no help.
We can choose to help those who ask.

Let us all do what we can to heal ourselves.
To heal is to make whole.
To heal is to make happy.
To heal is to let go of the regrets and resentments of the past.
To heal is to feel the good that is here now.
To heal is to create beauty and goodness with our lives.
To heal is to be truly helpful with respect and gratitude.
To heal is to be whole.

Loving us all in our self-healing,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Myths, Beliefs, Wishes

What is real?
We make up the world we see.
We make up the meaning we give to everything.
We make up our minds.
We make up our bodies.
We make up our lives.
We make up our beliefs.
Life is make believe.

If you like the fantasy you have created, continue living it with enjoyment and gratitude.
If you do not like your life, forgive what you and others have made up about you and your life.
Start with a blank canvas and create the best you know for yourself right now.
Only you can make up what you experience in life.

If you believe you can do it alone, try again.
If you believe you need help, ask for Spiritual Guidance
If you choose to trust in others, listen to their counsel.
If you choose to loose yourself from the world's perspective, forgive it all.

When choosing for counsel and guidance, go to the highest Authority.
When you request another perspective. always invite the highest viewpoint.
When looking for a better way to live, ask from one who loves you and wants the best for you.
When calling for an extreme life makeover, consider going to the experts.

No one is victim, unless they are willing to be.
Nothing is hopeless, unless we give up.
Nothing is impossible, unless you believe it is.
What you conceive (think) and believe (have faith), you can achieve (experience and enjoy.)

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Lessons from my life. Yesterday walking the twins, I met two teachers.
The first was a bag lady (possibly homeless), looking a little disheveled and confused, taking a picture through a shop window of Christmas decorations. As she looked at the babies, I smiled at her. She responded with "Keep safe. It's crazy out there."

I met a lady dressed in brilliant purple and red yesterday outside the grocery store.
She was glowing with friendliness and radiating joy and gratitude.
She said to me for all the world to hear, "All it takes is to be grateful for every little thing. You receive rewards tenfold. I give thanks for all the Good and it just keeps coming."
As she left my side, "She said thanks for listening and God bless you."

Monday, November 28, 2005

What Do You See?

When we are filled with peace and love and joy, we see beauty, compassion, healing and unity.
When we are filled with conflict, fear, and frustration, we see ugliness, judgment, pain and separation.
What we see is a product of what is in our minds.
What we see can be seen differently with attitudinal healing.
What we see is transformed by the renewal of our thinking.

Forgiving our judgments and fears frees us to see things new.
Forgiving our past frees us to create new opportunities in the present.
Forgiving ourselves frees us to believe in our Goodness, Wholeness and Love.
Forgiving everything frees us to see the Light and live in Love.

The teaching of spiritual leadership (warriorship) teach gentleness and compassion through harmony, beauty and balance in the mind, in our environment and in our wishes for our world.
Putting beauty, order and harmony in the body (healthy nutrition), in the mind (inspiring and positive media, thoughts and words), in the environment (order in work, home and affairs) strengthens us.
Erasing , releasing and forgiving all that is not for the Good of All from body, mind and environment undoes the limiting and cloudy filters from our seeing.

When we are free of fear, we can see beauty and goodness, faith and love, everywhere.
When we are at peace, we see the unity and perfection of all life.
When we are in gratitude, we know all is well in the midst of change.
When we are in joy, we celebrate the Great Mystery and everyday miracles.
When we are in love, we feel whole and happy and free.

Awakening to see what really is…always,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Giving Thanks

Note: We are off to Oregon this AM with Robert's Mom to visit and celebrate with adult daughter, Lacey, Robert's brother and his wife and Jackie's oldest friend from kindergarten. We will enjoy the traveling, cool weather, friendships and family as well as our quiet time alone to meditate, walk in the woods and give thanks.

When we are not experiencing gratitude, we have lost our connection with Self and Source.
When we are not willing and able to give thanks, we are off purpose.
When we are not seeing and believing in the Love within us, we are judging what was.
Our way to be grateful is through forgiveness here and now.

To be grateful, we must first and foremost forgive.
Forgiveness clears the past and quiets the mind.
Gratitude sees what is before us with love and respect.
Forgiveness is the cosmic cleanser to be able to see.

Without forgiveness, I judge what is and what I wish would be.
With forgiveness, I appreciate what is possible and enjoy what I have.
With judgment, I am unhappy, discontent and lacking inspiration and energy.
With forgiveness, I am at peace, appreciative and filled with desire to create.

Fill your heart with gratitude and you will know fulfillment now.
Fill your words with praise and you will see gratitude all around you.
Fill your activities with full appreciation and you will know great peace.
Fill your life with thanksgiving and you will heal your world.

I thank you for being there.
I thank you for loving.
I thank you for learning.
I thank you for feeling.
I thank you for imagining.
I thank you for growing.
I thank you for healing.
I thank you for listening.
I thank you for letting go.
I thank you for appreciating.
I thank you for telling the truth.
I thank you for being patient.
I thank you for giving.
I thank you for working.
I thank you for playing.
I thank you for resting.
I thank you for creating.
I thank you for sharing.
I thank you for daring.
I thank you.

Thanking you for all this and soooo much more.
Betty Lue

I am here for you by phone 800-919-2392.
Even when I am traveling, there is always time for you.

Thank you for joining me on this spiritual journey.
Thank you for receiving my gifts with respect and gratitude.
Thank You for supporting us all with your prayers and your contribution.
Thank you for your love and for giving your positive energy to what you value.
Thank you for knowing that we are all in this together...
Thank you for healing, transforming and co-creating our experience of this world.
Thank you for enjoying what is given with joyful appreciation for the Good of all.

I appreciate YOU!
Betty Lue

Monday, November 21, 2005

Look Deeper

To respect another is to look again deeper than the superficial judgments of sensory perception.
Listen deeper than the words being shared.
Feel deeper than the defended personal issues.
See beyond the personality and the egoic learned games and limiting beliefs.

To look again is to see the goodness, wholeness and beauty in each one.
To respect another is to see beyond their behavior and emotionality to the Love within.
To really see another is to see their heart and what really matters to them.

To listen deeper requires listening the the calling of their heart.
To really hear another is to interpret the words to find the inner meaning.
To really understand another's communication is to step into their life view.

To feel deeper than surface feelings, limited perceptions and painful attitudes requires Love.
To feel another's caring and Love, one must desire to deeply and profoundly love, respect and honor.
To feel empathy asks of us that we own and value truly accepting and loving ourselves and our feelings.

To see beyond the behaviors of another, we must be willing to trust their desire to Love and be loved.
To perceive rightly is to see with the heart.
To really heal another we must see and know their wholeness and Holiness.

When I listen to you, I hear the calling of your heart.
When I feel your emotions, I feel the longing of your soul.
When I see you, I see the beauty and goodness of the divine.

Know each one is a babe, new and innocent, here to give love and live from their Essence.
Know you are a gift to be given and received in a world longing for connection and Love.
Know Life is a choice where we are all learning and earning our wings to fly free.

Loving you as I am loving me,
Betty Lue

I love You, All Who are calling to be loved.
Even when I forget I am loving You.
Even when I am busy, I am hearing You.
Even when I am unconscious, I am feeling You.
Even when I appear to be separate, I am One with You.
Even though we have not yet met, I am here with You.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Minimize or Exaggerate?

To minimize what is, is to deny, distract and diminish the value of each moment.
To exaggerate is to intensify, embellish and make special the value of the moment.
Which shall it be?
Holding each moment and its message sacred in a consistent conscious way is my truth.

When I deny myself the opportunity to feel what is real, I may be afraid of Love and the call for Love.
When I project old fear-filled judgments on what is, I may need to magnify what is in order to notice.
Some of us walk away from pain, sorrow and strong feelings.
Some of us feed on the energy of self-pity, suffering and over-reaction.
Some merely acknowledge what is momentary and let go to experience the next moment renewed.

To gain perspective on life, forgive what is judged and see what is given.
Am I loved?
Am I loving?
Do I have food, clothing and shelter?
Do I have access to inspiration, support and loving kindness?
Am I willing to let go and allow change in my life?
Do I trust there is a Power and Presence that is guiding my life?
Am I willing to forgive the mistakes I and others have made?
Am I open to learning from what is given and received?
Can I see how my worth is not based on what I teach, make or do?
Do I recognize that I am here to be the Presence of Love?
Can I allow the renewing Spirit of Love to transform my life right now?
It is in fully loving, respecting and honoring myself that I made new again.

Today I see all I have with gratitude and love.
Today I give all I have with joy and freedom.
Today I make something beautiful of my life with my thoughts, words and deeds.
Today I love Who and Whose I AM.

Loving you,
Betty Lue
Take personally the words that speak to your heart.
Let go easily of all that is not inspirational and healing for you.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Feeding My Body

I have watched my addiction to feeding my personality, body, thoughts and humanness grow.
It seems that when I forget to say "No" to any little thing that does not bless and benefit me,
I let go of my desire to serve only God and God.

One dessert leads to another, "It's OK."
One slip of unconsciousness leads to another.
One falsehood leads to another.
One moment of procrastination leads to another.
One second of envy leads to another.
One stepping back when a need is seen leads to another.
One ounce of hesitation before doing what is being called for leads to another.

The ego calls us to:
"Wait and see."
"Leave it to someone else to do."
"One voice will accomplish nothing."
"No one will know."
"Just this one time is OK."
"If it feels good, do it."
"It’s your life so do what you want."

A promise made to oneself must not be broken, because it erodes self trust and confidence.
A promise made to God must not be broken because it creates guilt and feelings of unworthiness.
A promise made to a loved one must not be broken because it causes fear of disapproval and separation.
Make promises you intend to keep. If broken, confess, forgive yourself and choose again immediately.

Remember life is a gift of Goodness and Love.
Our body is a vehicle for doing Good and offering Love.
Our mind is an instrument of forgiveness and healing useful to fulfill promises to create Peace and Joy.
Our personality is our learned way to project the gifts we are here to give and receive.

To honor the Giver of Life we must offer our promise to use the gift of Life with wisdom and Love.
May it be so for you and me.

Loving you,
Betty Lue
PS I am cleaning up what I feed my body, beginning NOW. Wanna join me?

Thursday, November 17, 2005


What makes me unique?
I am loving.
We all are loving.
I am creative.
We all are creative.
I see your Goodness.
When we know our own goodness, we see only Goodness in others.
I believe in the healing and creative power of Love.
We all can let go of our faith in fear and remember to trust in Love.
I forgive errors and choose again quickly.
Everyone can learn to erase what was and create what they want.
I prefer to be happy, so I choose not to linger in hurt, anger, regret and fear.
Everyone can forgive unhappy habits and create new habits of mind.
I give generously the best I have to everyone I encounter.
We all can learn that generosity begets increasing abundance.
I explore, experiment, learn and teach with curiosity, open-mindedness and wonder.
Humanity can relinquish judgment and caution, and choose to learn from everything.
I enjoy all my emotions and therefore am not attached or stuck.
We all can release our attachment to use emotions to get attention, sympathy or help.
I recognize upsets as calls for help and remembering to Love myself and others.
We each can remember to shine the light of greater awareness and forgive our judgments on any upset.
I flush the cosmic toilet easily and quickly, not allowing anyone or anything to harm me or get stuck.
We can learn to take nothing personally and to reach out with love to all.

I have chosen to play at life and enjoy all the relationships and life experiences I have along the way.
I take responsibility for my whole life and feel grateful this is so.
I do not limit my loving kindness and acceptance to those I like, but easily give to all.
I recognize that all I give is returned to me. The more I give, the more I have.
I enjoy being of service to those who call on me without regard to gaining approval or remuneration.
I learn from and with everyone.
I see and know the Divine is working in and through all I see.
I trust life is a gift to me for which I am grateful.
I recognize my worth in being without having to do or make or teach anything.
I value all life as gift of greater awareness, strengthening our capacity to let go and choose again for Love.
I love the work I do and see it all as fun, safe and easy.
I realize that only where I judge do I stress and see my life as work.
I accept myself and others as we are in the moment without getting stuck in judging, fixing or controlling.

Now that you know a little more about me….what about you?
How do you see your uniqueness?
Perhaps under all our history and illusions, we are all the same with no one unique and all equally loving.

Call me if you want to see your self healed and whole, good and just right the way you are. 800-919-2392

Loving you,
Betty Lue

I promise to love you no matter what costume you are wearing. Everyone deserves love and respect no matter what.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Relying on our Own Strength

When we rely on ourselves, we may find ourselves cautious or afraid.
When we rely on others, we may find ourselves doubtful and distrusting.
When we rely on Source, we experience the certainty of our faith.

We make errors and learn.
We make ignorant choices and choose again.
We have limited information and limiting beliefs.
We perceive through filters of our history, beliefs and level of understanding.
We alone, with no support, are limited.

Others may advise us falsely and need our forgiveness.
Others may deceive for their own selfish interests.
Others may be limited by their life experiences, education and defensive or arrogant attitudes.
Others, even well-meaning, may err in their choices for us.

There is a Power and a Presence greater than all we see and know.
Source, Spirit, Higher Power and God, the Infinite and All Mighty, knows all.
God is the source of All Good, All Wisdom, All Power and All Love.
Relying on this ever present Source and Resource is trustworthy, dependable and True.

How do we know what to choose?
How do we tell where to go and what to do?
How can we discern what is wise and holy and helpful?
How can we live in alignment with Divine Will for the Highest Good of All?

Listen within and follow.
Quiet our minds in meditation.
Find the silent space of Peace within and ask.
When the answer is heard, felt, seen or known, be grateful.

Often we listen and do not hear.
Often we hear and do not obey.
Often we obey and do not trust.
Often we trust and do not give thanks.

Listen in the silence.
Write what you hear and feel, see and know.
Your mind may play tricks and erase the Highest Answer.
The Voice of Love and Peace, Joy and Ease is the Voice of God.

Everyone can hear.
Everyone can receive Higher Guidance.
Everyone can know the Way.
Everyone can find the Path to Happiness and Inner Peace.

My Path is to Love and to Listen,
Betty Lue

If you wish facilitation of your inner listening, please call or ask for some time with me.
I am more than happy to share this fun, safe, easy path to freedom, fulfillment and happiness. 800-919-2392.

Our greatest fear
is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light,
not our darkness,
that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves,
“Who am I to be brilliant,
gorgeous, talented and fabulous?”
Actually, who are you not to be?
You are a child of God.
Your playing small doesn’t serve the world.
There is nothing enlightened about shrinking
so that others won’t feel insecure around you.
We were born to make manifest the glory of God within us.
It is not just in some of us,
it is in everyone,
and as we let our own light shine
we unconsciously give other people permission
to do the same.
As we are liberated from our own fear
our presence automatically liberates others.
Maryann Williamson

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Why Are You Here?

If you don't know your purpose in being here, where do you find meaning?
If you are unsure about your value, how do you know what to do?
If you are confused about what to do in life, why take impeccable care of you?
How would your life change if you acted as though everything matters?
What if all life depends on you and your choices?
What if the consequences of your actions, your words and your thoughts determine our fate?

You matter to all of us on this planet.
Your whole life makes a difference.
Your private thoughts and activities are seen and heard.
Your choices lead others to make their choices.

Having just returned from Asheville, NC where Robert and I led a Leadership workshop,
I am fully aware that each moment matters.
How I give and the attitude I have makes a difference.

We touch lives by how we live more than by what we say.
We teach by the words we speak everyday more than when we are giving a lecture.
We heal with our caring and kindness more than with pills and techniques.
We love more with gratitude and trust than with gifts and nice words.

Our world is touched, healed and saved one person at a time.
Humanity is blessed, inspired and encouraged one person at a time.

You are the giver and the recipient.
You are the teacher and the student.
You are the physician and the healed.
You are the savior and the servant.
Everything we give is given to ourselves.

I see You. I know You. I love You.
And I am counting on You.
Betty Lue

It was a joy being in Asheville with all of you, both new and familiar friends.
We loved giving my Mom's condo a total makeover, renewing the energy with the art of placement.
Using visualization, affirmation and clearing out the old, it opens the space of creativity and renewal.
Practical Feng Shui is an art and science in which I practice, teach and offer home consultations.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Encourage the Best

We are flying off to Asheville, NC tomorrow early AM to spend time with my Mom and help with computer, home renewal, offering a workshop "Leading from the Heart, Empowering Yourself and Others" and book signings for Robert and I at Malaprops Bookstore. It will be a full and eventful five days of time with dear friends and supporters, as well as meeting new friends. Always know you can contact us via #800-919-2392 voicemail. Stay Awake, teach Love and give your Best.

To encourage the best in yourself and others, you need to reinforce what you want to strengthen and grow.
Psychological research and metaphysical truth has demonstrated that what you give attention to increases.

What you pay attention to , with negative criticism or with laughter and enjoyment, will be repeated.
Attention reinforces the value of the behavior.
Getting upset and angry will often encourage.
When people cannot get positive reactions, they look for any reaction at all, including being punished.
Children who are ignored will get in trouble or hurt themselves just to get the attention of their parents.
The clown or distracter is created by laughter, amusement and our attention.
The difficult or disobedient child is simply looking for Love in all the wrong ways.
The helpless or needy child gets attention and help from their helplessness.
The independent, helpful and heroic child get approval for their behavior.
The same is true for adults as for children.

All beings are seeking to be loved, valued, needed and given attention.
Rewards encourage the behavior being rewarded.
Punishments encourage the behavior being punished.
Both will reinforce the behavior.

The most effective way to extinguish behavior is to ignore it.
Ignoring requires no notice, no laughter, no comments, no anger or critical comment.

The effective parent will notice what behavior they want to encourage.
You can encourage with laughter, applause, approval, gratitude, touch, gift, privileges, special time.
When encouraged skillfully, even the difficult person can be encouraged to give their best.

These same principles of reinforcement and extinguishing behaviors can also be applied to oneself.
Give yourself reward of attention, appreciation and love for those habits and choices you want to make.
Ignore, forgive, let go and easily release any negative attention to behaviors you want to undo.

All of us have grown up learning to give and get negativity when we do something wrong.
Few have grow up getting appreciation for doing what is "right".
We have created a culture where terror, drugs, illness and problems are rewarded with constant focus in media, education, politics, and social interaction. And they are increasing.
It is time for each one of us to reward those in our presence who are contributing, living in integrity, making a difference without seeking attention. It is also time to look for the behaviors in those in trouble which we can appreciated and encourage.

Use the power of positive attention to encourage what you want to build in yourself, your family, you community and world.

Encouraging us all to be our best,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


To live by your highest spiritual principles in all relationships builds families.
To treat your family members as you do your best friends builds trust.
To speak with kindness and courtesy to everyone renews respect.
To honor your word and keep your promises inspires confidence.

Many give their family members their leftovers and hand-me-downs.
When we are tired, sick or unhappy, it is often those closest who reap the disregard.
Many give their family financial security and things, but forget emotional security and love.
When we serve the bills and not the love, we get lost, confused and consumed with stress.

How you honor your mate, your parents and your children creates your own destiny.
When you give your best to others and your least to those at home, everyone loses.
Learning to renew yourself before you greet your mate and children will increase their happiness.
Respecting their needs as much or more than your own wins their loyalty and support.

When there is friction, schisms and problems, dwell not on the negativity, but look for the Good.
When there is a sore, don't keep picking on it, but rise up and feed the health.
When you find yourself caught in a conflict between those fighting, step back and offer warmth and light.
When you are in a fearful state and don't know the solution, simply acknowledge your caring.

With your authenticity, your love will be received.
With your honesty, your apology will be noted.
With your declared intention to find a better way, others will reflect and respond.
With your renewed choices to give your best to all, others will respect your forgiveness and generosity.

It always serves the giver to give.
All that I give is given to myself.
Forgiveness is the key to happiness.
The price of forgiveness is giving up defensiveness and resentment.

Respecting all of us in our intention to teach only LOVE,
Betty Lue

Monday, November 07, 2005


Why do we let babies cry?
Why do we yell at our loved ones?
Why do we get drunk and act like fools?
Why do we not clean our glasses?
Why do we eat junk food?
Why do we watch ignorant and disrespectful stuff on TV?
Why do we let our kids play violent video games?
Why do we spend money on clothes and trinkets but give to the disaster folks?
Why do we ignore our own needs for quiet and alone time?
Why do we stuff ourselves unconsciously with negativity and unhealthy stuff?
Why do we waste time on what doesn't matter and avoid what really matters?

Humanity makes an interesting study.
We are given the power of choice.
Yet, often we make unhealthy and unnatural choices.
If we were more like the animals, we would take care of basic needs first.
If we were conscious and awake, we would take care of our young impeccably.
If were mindful, we would conserve when we have less.
If we were loving, we would respond when anyone cries with total willingness to help.
If we were happy, we would do and have and give only happy stuff.
If we were healthy, we would eat, watch and serve only the healthiest foods.
If we were peaceful, we would create and sell only peace-making ideas and toys.
If we were fulfilled, we would see only to fulfill everyone's highest dreams.

What makes us unconscious, lazy, selfish and foolish?
What are we teaching the next generation?

We teach first by our example and how we live daily.
We teach second by what we give and say, encourage and reward.
We create and teach by everything we think and say and do in private and in public.
It works for me to ask: Is this what I want humanity to learn from me?

Being conscious, clear and committed to the highest vision create the world we see.
Choose today to find a better way to live and give, to love and serve.

It only takes one to make a difference.
And you are the One.
Betty Lue

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