Sunday, September 26, 2021

You Come First!


I am willing and able to do what is best for me.

I choose to be loving and capable.

I relinquish my need to be taken care of by others.

I respect my ability to be “responsible” and able to respond with Love.

You Come First!

If you don't care for you, who will?

You are responsible for you.

Everything is in your own best interest.

You must step up and do what is best for you.

Self Care is good and helpful and beneficial to others.

What is best for you is best for others.

You can be a drain or of service.

You can give the Good you have or be a needy mess.

When you are complaining or whining, ask Yourself what you can do.

When you are hurting or feeling helpless, ask what you can do.

When you are lost, confused and afraid, ask what you can do.

It is in doing what you can do that you enable yourself.

When we give ourselves away to care for others, we may neglect to care for ourselves.

When we sacrifice ourselves, we may expect others to care for us.

When we give to get something in return, we may teach others to neglect us too.

Learning to attend to ourselves first is often the first step to teach others to care for themselves.

Independence is an essential step to self mastery, health and happiness.

Learning to do what we can do for ourselves as a young child is a vital life development stage.

Being able and willing to do for ourselves is what even the youngest toddler can learn.

When we encourage others to depend on us may teach them they cannot do for themselves.

Whatever age or stage of development, we can all learn how to take care of ourselves.

This includes what you eat and drink each day.

This includes self care and hygiene, making our bed, putting away our clothes, washing our dishes.

When we live in a household with no responsibilities, we may grow up dependent on others.

From the oldest to the youngest, we are here to learn to come first with our own needs.

Give you body, mind and spirit the best healthy, happy, productive, grateful environment.

If you don’t know what you need, educate yourself with people and books that can help you.

Learn to say "Please and Thanks”.

Simple etiquette to yourself and others works.

  • Be willing to clean up after yourself wherever you are.
  • Ask yourself what is best for you, before you take anything as good for you.
  • Discipline yourself to choose only what is healthy for you.
  • Eliminate what is not best for you.
  • (This includes people who are not healthy and inspiring, media that is not healthy and inspiring, foods that are not healthy and inspiring.) 

What will it take to give yourself only what is good and right and true for you?

Stop being tempted by what the world seems to sell.

Stop buying and believing what everyone else is buying and doing.

Don’t let fear inter-FEAR with your choices, your movement and your success.

Think for yourself. 

Ask, Is this good for me?

If so, say YES and act on it.



Loving you, 

Betty Lue