Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Stop Absorbing Negatives!


I release and let go anything bad for me.

I set myself free from all negativity.

I stop participating in hurtful harmful ways.

I live my life with conscience and consciousness.

No more Toxins.

Neither give nor receive toxic thoughts, words or behaviors.

Only you can choose what you value.

Only you can forgive limiting habits.

Only you can say “NO” to what is not Good.

Stop playing martyr or victim.

Stop blaming or shaming others.

What you give, you will receive.

Stop participating in the war of negativity.

If it hurts you, do not eat it or receive it.

If it hurts you, do not serve it to others…..not even in secret.

What you think is just as powerful as what you say and do.

Eliminate all attack and gossip and making others wrong.

If you want to be happy, stop dwelling in unhappiness.

Relinquish your need to punish or be punished.

Forgive the negative mind and delete its hurtful thoughts.

Forgive the defensive, destructive words and behaviors.

 Give up unhealthy hurtful habits and behaviors.

Say NO to the people, places and activities that do not work for you.

Choose a life that is Good to you and Good for you.

Only You can choose what is highest and Best for you.

When you refuse pain, you will remember joy.

When you stop worrying about lack, you will remember abundance.

When you eliminate self-harm, you will realize Self Love.

Recognize your natural state by giving up what is unnatural.

We are here to choose, not lose.

We are here to win and encourage others to win.

We are the way showers, the leaders, teachers and healers.

 We can wake up and live the way we are called to be.

Set yourself free from dwelling on analyzing, defending and fixing it all.

Undo all the made up truths that are not and never were true.

Give yourself to loving you and you will begin to love everyone.

Be simply safe and trustworthy to you and all sharing only the Highest Truth.

Now is your time to shine.

Scrape off the “gazoobies” of “yuckiness.”

Sweep away the dirty thoughts and words.

Show up new again and again and find the real You.

Flush the poop and puke in private.

You will be naturally healthy, happy and clean in thought, word and deed.

Do for you only what is truly good and right and true for YOU.

Think speak and behave only the Good in You.

Loving us all new and in Love again.

Your faithful Loving Reminder, 

Betty Lue