Thursday, September 30, 2021

Always Loving!


I Love for the Sake of Love.

I Love for the Joy of Love.

I Love for the Beauty of Love.

I Love and receive the Abundant Blessings of Love.

Simply “ I Am Always Loving You!”

My life of service is for You.

The way I live is for You.

The teachings I share are for You.

Hard to believe, but it is True.

Let us step into Love together.

Let us help one another and step up to Love.

Let us believe together we can always Love.

Let us trust one another to be willing to Love.

What does it take to choose for Love?

What can we do to remember to Love?

How do we live to support this Love?

Where do we go to always live in Love?

Sometimes it may seem there is no one to trust.

We may even neglect loving ourselves.

We might try to get someone to love us.

We may seek a teacher to remind us to love.

I check my Love flow everyday in every way.

With every thought and word I can see Love working or not.

Love is our Essence and Love is our Source.

When we feel lack of Love, we know we have neglected to take care of our Love.

When we keep gas in the tank and clean oil in our car, it goes where we want smoothly.

Our body and mind and Spirit needs us to clean out the valves to flow Love.

Love is the fuel and lubricant that energizes our lives.

When this flow is blocked, limited or diverted, Love seems limited.

Check your oil and gas daily.

Forgive and clean out what interferes.

Stop trying to get Love from those who may be struggling to keep going.

Clean up the flow of your inner supply.

If you do not receive from your inner supply, clean out the obstacles you put in your way.

Clean out the toxic unkind thoughts and change your mind.

Forgive past scar tissue with forgiveness and heal your wounds.

Replace the valves by cleaning out past accumulated debris.

First Love Love itself.

Then Love You loving You.

From an open flow of Love in you, there is easy flow to others in your life.

Replenish your Love tank for Inspiration and add fresh oil to openly flow Love .

You and I are in the flow of Love Together.

Let’s keep Love going and flowing for the Joy of it Always.

Love is who I Am and therefore I endlessly Love.

Loving You, 

Betty Lue