Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Let Go and Allow Good


I now give and receive all Good and only Good.

I appreciate the power of choice.

I use forgiveness liberally as an eraser filled with Love.

I let Love and Goodness lead my life.

Let Go and Allow Good

Stop trying to understand what doesn’t work.

Stop analyzing why things are not good.

Stop wasting time on figuring out how to fix people.

Live for You, discovering, understanding and supporting you.

There are infinite potential solutions for every problem.

When you are willing to let go of complaining about them, you will be helpful for you.

When you undo what is not working for you, you will seek only what works.

When you are willing to respect and trust in yourself, you will choose again.

Stop being distracted and sidetracked by going on a wild goose chase to nowhere.

When you stop trying to make something happen, you will release the resistance.

When you start relaxing into the infinite potential for all good and only good, you will succeed with ease.

Emphasis and attention on the obstacles only increases the resistance.

Move around the blocks to freedom and trust.

Let the negatives dissolve in your attention to the positive.

You create more conflict in the upset with what doesn’t work.

You experience more pain by going against the grain.

What if we let our lives flow in the fun, safe and easy direction.

What if we allow others to be what they want to be.

What if we give ourselves the freedom to be and do what we want.

What if we follow the road to happiness as the obvious course of attention.

What if we trust we deserve all Good.

What if we know we are more than enough.

What if we easily forgive, erase and delete what is not Best.

What if we go to bed each night with gratitude and rest.

What if the world is our oyster and we are the pearl.

What if we can find Love when we love the One we Are.

What if being able and willing to respond to all things is key.

What if we are choosing and claiming our own reality.

What if we are naturally healthy, happy and free.

What if we can do whatever we allow ourselves to do.

What if we need to believe we can and then we can.

What if true unconditional Love for oneself is the key. 

Maybe this is your time to set yourselves free.

Choose everyday what it genuinely good for you.

Release the ways you have been taught to sacrifice.

Live your life with the Best for You and from You.

Let us celebrate!

Betty Lue is loving YOU!

Trusting you are loving YOU, Too!

Self-Soothing Suggestions

1. Practice breathing slow and deep into your abdomen Inhale 2, 3, 4 and exhale 2, 3, 4.

    This relaxes your body and quiets your mind.

2. Imagine something good in your future or positive time you are looking forward to.

    This encourages your mind to seek what feels good to you.

3. Send appreciation, love and blessings to others. Share in writing, in person, in prayer.

     What you give to others will inspire you to feel good about yourself.