Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Just Do It!!

I respond with love and respect to what is needed.
When I see a need, it is mine to do.
I am blessed with my responsiveness and response ability.
I am willing to do what is being called forth with gratitude.

Do It Now!

Is there a need?
Respond to it now.
Is there a complaint?
Handle it now.

Is there a conflict?
Resolve it now.
Is there a vision?
Begin it now.

Is there a pain?
Listen to it now.
Is there a request?
Answer it now.

Is something broken?
Fix it now.
Is there a missing piece?
Replace it now.

Is there appreciation?
Say “ Thank you” now.
Is there a hunger?
Feed it now.

Why wait?
You need no approval.
Why hesitate?
Stop doubting yourself.

Why question?
Listen to the inner response.
Why be afraid?
Follow the loving way.

Why ignore?
Give positive attention.
Why hold back?
Step forward in faith.

Why make excuses?
Go with the flow.
Waiting for what?
Listen, trust and free YourSelf.

 Loving you, 
Betty Lue

Back from wonderful retreat with granddaughters.
Full of love for One and All.