Saturday, August 27, 2016

Do They Know?

For greater effectiveness, affirmations must be said, written and heard at least 20 times daily for 14+ days in the most receptive times (fter waking and before bed is best) to be fully clearing the blocks or resistance.
I teach by my example.
I learn who, where, when and what I am to teach and learn.
First I learn and live what I am learning.
I trust others are always doing what the best they know.

Do They Know?

What if they don’t know how to make their bed?
What if they don’t know to say please and thank you?
What if they don’t know how to make a friend?
What if they don’t know how to enjoy learning?

So often we judge others.
More often we expect others to know!
So often we criticize and complain.
More often we believe others know what we know.

What if they just do not have the life experience.
What if they only do what they are taught.
What if we never taught them.
What if we never learned how to teach.

Is it possible we live in a world of limited teaching?
Is it possible people never learned to be helpful and kind?
Perhaps people think vulgar language and addictive behavior are normal?
Maybe we have much to teach them about how life works better for all?

Have you considered that we don’t know something important?
Maybe we judge because we truly don’t know about them?
Maybe we have made up that everyone is like us?
Maybe we are ignorant about all the people we judge?

This may be the time to ask and listen, observe and consider.
We can always open our mind and trust in our heart.
Is it possible we have overlooked and assumed we know about what they know?
What we don’t know can hurt us all by assuming or guessing what we believe “Everyone Must Know”.

Do not assume anyone knows.
Do not take for granted what you know.
Do not believe they are just lazy.
Do not criticize what you truly don’t know.

My first question is always to ask myself,  “What I am teaching?”
Do I live a life of helpfulness and kindness?
Am I doing what needs to be done with enjoyment and no complaint?
Do I look forward to managing my home, my work, my whole life with full appreciation?

I begin with my own life the best I know.
I allow my Love to lead me to teach others who ask.
I surrender to love, trust and respect for all.
Loving you,
Betty Lue