Friday, August 26, 2016

Paradise Within

I choose to be happy.
I change the channel of my mind to access what inspires me.
I delete complaining and worrying.
I am blessed with positive thoughts of helpfulness.

Paradise Is In Your Mind!

Bliss is found in no worries.
Paradise is feeling really good.
Love is an attitude of gratitude.
Heaven is here now with Inner Peace.

Here we are on the island of Kauai, the Garden Island; Often called “paradise”.
When everything is just the way you expect it to be, it feels like paradise.
When all is just the way you wanted it to be, you feel blissful.
When everything goes just “right” for you, you will feel blessed.

Blessed or cursed is matter of consciousness.
Heaven or hell is created by how we judge.
Good or bad comes from what we think.
So let us be mindful of the thoughts we have.

How we think determines how we feel.
How we think and feel determines what we say.
What we say determines what others think about us.
What we do determines how others think and feel about us.

It is so much better to choose happy thoughts.
It feels so much better to feel grateful thoughts.
Life seems so much more fulfilling when we feel blessed and blissed.
So why not start by choosing the outcome you want to experience.

When we feel down or discouraged, we can change our mind.
When feeling unappreciated or neglected, we can value ourselves with positive attention.
When fearful or full of doubt, we can declare we know what the good life is about.
When lost and alone, we can go within to find our true and rightful home.

We have the power to change the direction we are going.
We have the power to choose what we think and do.
We have the power to commit to something of value.
We have the power to get clear when uncertain and afraid.

We do have the ability to see peace within.
We can practice mindfulness to have joy.
We can clean up the past and enjoy the present.
We can live in love with true gratitude.

Loving and celebrating the joy I choose daily.
Betty Lue