Thursday, June 25, 2015

Love Everyone

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I release all fear and remember Love.
I give Love where there is a call for Love.
I trust the Love I give returns to me.
 I am the Love I seek to see through all Eternity.

Love Everyone

Can you imagine what the world could be?
Can you imagine how you would feel?
Can you imagine the end of disease and trauma?
Can you imagine the reign of love on earth?

What you imagine comes from you.
What you imagine can come true.
What we conceive and believe, we will achieve.
When we are willing to be, we will see.

Let us each begin the work.
Undo what you no longer seek to be true.
Stop thinking about what you don’t want to be.
Begin to see in your mind what you seek to find.

All we need to do is forgive and delete.
What we each can do it become what we seek to be.
One step at a time will bring rhythm and rhyme.
Every day in everyway, sing out for Love.

Yes, we can be what we want to see.
Our willingness and happy gratitude will do it.
We can choose it with everyone we know.
And those we don’t know will feel it too!

Love works and prevails.
Love is alive in us all.
When we forget, we fail.
When we are unkind, we fall.

It looks like we need to remember to Love.
It feels like we need to trust in Love.
It seems like we need to rely on Love.
It shows up like peace comes with Love.

I am loving YOU Always.
I am True to Love, Always.
I am the Love I feel and make Real.
I am She who Remembers Love.
Betty Lue