Tuesday, June 30, 2015


You may be inspired by this utube video of my talk at Brentwood Unity last Sunday.

May peace be with you and all today.
May the words I speak offer peaceful reminders.
May the thoughts I hold be only of peace for all humanity.
May the life I live, begin with peace through me.

How To Find Your Peace.

Everyone is born to find Peace.
Everyone comes into this life to bring Peace.
All people seek peace and to be at Peace.
When we know our Piece, we are at Peace.

Ah Yes, I am here to be Peace.
I am here to clear fear and conflict.
I am here to remember the Peace from which I came.
I am here to bring Peace on Earth.

And so it is, we bring our Peace.
Some bring peace to animals.
Some bring peace to children.
Some bring peace to the earth.
Some bring peace to our elders.

We bring peace through what we do and what we say and think and pray.
Mothers, counselors, teachers, business folks can all find and offer peace.
Hospice workers, farmers, musicians, artists, builders, beauticians, grocers.
Everyone can find peace within and share their peace in their lives.

When we are born, we take on the energy of our parents, teachers and caregivers and the world.
We are here to bring peace to everyone in all situations.
When we have enough quiet time to stay in touch with our inner peace, we remember the peace.
When we are filled with noise, drama and trauma and no time to quiet the mind, we forget.

Our function is to find and return to our inner peace and spread peace to everyone everywhere.
Our job is to clear the inner wars and bring our attention to the Peace of Goodness within.
Our holy rightful place to be and share comes from our intention to heal all separation from Peace.
We are here to be truly helpful, first to ourselves and then to everyone we encounter.

When I sit at my computer each early morning, I see and feel peace within and share that peace.
When I take my shower, I cleanse any thought, concern or memory that appears to me.
When I get ready for my day to be with people and their concerns, I trust in Peace to be the outcome.
When I am planning and preparing food, finances, scheduling, correspondence, I choose peace.

I listen to music that brings more peace and happiness.
I eat foods that offer peace to my body.
I write words that offer soothing and inspiration.
I talk to people about choosing happy thoughts, positive words and respectful behavior.

All I do is dedicated to Peace on Earth and Goodwill to Humanity.
The more you give, the more you have.
The more you have, the more you give.
May Abundant peace be yours today.

This is my vision for the family for humanity.
This is my path and purpose.
May it be so for all of us!
Betty Lue