Tuesday, March 30, 2010

God Within, God Without or no God?

Good Within, Good Outside, or No Good at All?

Some believe in God , everything and everywhere and within us.
Some believe in God, external and to be sought for throughout life.
Some believe in no God, but rather the natural flow of Life, the Tao.
Some believe in chance, mystery, syncronicities, Karma, our Elders, etc.

Some simply deny believing in anything or anyone.
When we look at our lives, we need to realize meaning, purpose, destiny, calling……
When we invest in our future, strive to achieve, we must believe in something greater.
When we live with desire to improve, to heal, to grow, we must know there is more.

Take a look at your definition of God…
Reveal to yourself where you find what you see as Higher Power.
In books, in special spiritual leaders and teachers, in revelation, in meditation, in nature.
Give yourself time to commune with the Essence of what “God” is for you.
(Note the poem at the bottom of this message.)

For me, God is Goodness.
The Goodness that is Love.
The Good that comes from Peace of Mind.
The Good that yields great natural joy.
The Good that is trusting and freeing and innocent.

Often I refer to Love created Love for the purpose of Loving.
Goodness created us as Good for the purpose of being and doing only Good.
When we give anything other than Good, we are denying our True nature.
When we show up with anything less that our “Goodest” selves, we have lost our way.

Try then today to seek and find the Good in you….with everyone and everything.
Try then today to be open-minded and see the Good in others to awaken them.
Try then today to appreciate the Good in all circumstances.

In this we come to know and love God and the Greater Good.
Loving you,  Betty Lue

"I Am There" by James Dillet Freeman, Author/Poet, Unity Minister
Do you need me? I am there.
You cannot see Me, yet I am the light you see by.
You cannot hear Me, yet I speak through your voice.
 You cannot feel Me, yet I am the power at work in your hands.

From Daily Word:
God's grace is constant and true, providing all I could ever ask for, and more.
Grace is at work within me and around me.
It is the light that illumines my path, the wisdom that guides my thoughts and actions, and the power that fills me with strength and peace.