Sunday, March 15, 2009

To Have What You Want…..

To have what you want, you must have a vision or a picture of the experience you want to have.
When you do not hold a vision in your imagination, you will be at the effect of others and your world.

To have what you want, you must really want what you want.
To desire and have passion and energy will move you and move you around all obstacles.

To have what you want, you must believe you can have what you want.
To believe is to have faith and to know it is possible and you deserve to be happy and fulfilled.

To have what you want, you must commit to go the distance to have what you want.
Those who achieve what they conceive and believe never ever quit on themselves or their vision.

To have what you want, you must have a plan or strategy of staying on course and inspired.
Those who listen within to their forgiving heart and positive mind are flexible and adapt easily.

To have what you want, you must act with confidence and assurance that the outcome is clear.
Your confident actions tell the truth on your conviction and your certainty that you can have.

To have what you want, you must be appreciative of every step of the way, including “mistakes”.
Every seeming mistake or obstacle is the opportunity to make a course correction and to keep on purpose.

To have what you want…. Stay awake and on purpose looking toward fulfillment in every way.

Vision-------------------------See it.
Faith---------------------------Believe it.
Passion------------------------Desire it.
Commitment----------------Choose it.
Strategy-----------------------Plan on it.
Action-------------------------Just Do it.
Gratitude--------------------Appreciate it.

The problem with most of those who feel unfulfilled is:
They are looking backward at their own errors and the mistakes of others.
They are busy criticizing rather than appreciating.
They get stuck worrying and strategizing rather than acting with confidence.
They are planning for failure rather than assured of success.
They are convincing or threatening those around them with negative outcomes.
They rely on others who have failed or repeat history with their constant comparisons.
They are passive and allowing the current trends or mass consciousness to lead their choices.
They forget that Goodness and Kindness, Forgiveness and Love, must lead to succeed.

Loving all of us in having what we really want for the Good of All,
Betty Lue