Sunday, November 25, 2007

“Having Rests on Giving”

This quote comes form a Course in Miracles.
It reminds us that what we sow, we reap.
What we give, we receive.

And It is my call to remember:
Life is for giving.
And we are the gifts, one to another.
It is in giving that we realize the Gift of God and Good we are.

It is in giving that we receive the gift of our own innate Goodness.
The God in us expresses in our unconditional and joyful abundant giving.

I come from a long heritage of volunteering and giving.
Small town folks taking care of their neighbors and farmers caring for their farmhands, community members actively leading and contributing to church, school, and civic projects for the community.
And in my life I was called “mommy’s Little Helper from under one year of age.
I learned to walk early because my Mom’s was pregnant with my baby brother.
I helped her with diapers and other little girl chores with pride and joy, because I could.
Throughout my life, cooking, cleaning, doing errands and being of assistance has strengthened my sensitivity, caring and ability to know what might be most helpful to others.
I know I am capable of doing whatever is needed with the help and guidance of God.

“With God’s will and our willingness, all things are possible.” And so it is we come to believe.
We strengthen our faith through being willing to give ourselves selflessly, recognizing that the Greater Self, the One Son of God, the circle of spiritual Union, is experienced in the giving.
“We give but to ourselves.”

In my life I began volunteering in my family, with neighbors and my parents friends.
I volunteered with Girl Scouts and church Group for years.
I opened a free in home preschool for a few children and my own.
I volunteered 40 hours/week in the local school district when my children went to kindergarten.
Almost half of my work as therapist, minister and teacher is volunteering or donated to those people and places to which I am guided to give. I see my life as given to me to be given to all.

“To have All, give All to All.” Is a theme from ACIM that leads my life.
For me it means remembering to give the eternal gifts of Love and Joy and Peace.
Being grateful for what is given is the key to always have more than enough to give.
When we are grateful (not resentful), the gifts increase for giver and receiver.

Remember that we need give nothing that “costs” us.
True gifts “cost” nothing, and give everything that is real and good and whole.

“God lover a cheerful giver.”
“And God is able to provide you with every blessing in abundance, so that you may always have enough of everything and may provide in abundance for every good work.” II Corinthians 9:8

Loving you abundantly,
Betty Lue