Friday, October 17, 2003

Changing Your Mind Changes Your Life

The way to clear doubt and fear, the two primary saboteurs in our lives, is to recognize that they exist. Become aware of when and where and how they show up for you. Be conscious of their presence in your thoughts, words and activities and you will be well on your way to heal, release and clear them.

What we let show, we can let go. When we are hiding, faking, pretending, denying what we have invited into our thoughts, we cannot take responsibility for their release. Awareness with no judgment is healing.

What are some signs of fear and doubt? They may show up on the screen of our life experience in the form of lack of confidence, secrets, envy, gossip, disrespect, anger, self-pity, sacrifice, and feelings of lack, littleness and limitation. When we are not living our highest spiritual principles, we know that we have allowed doubt and fear to “inter-fear.”

Attitudinal healing, undoing limiting beliefs, affirmations and forgiveness are all useful to be free.
I could see peace instead of this. Everything that is not Love is always a call for Love.
“I forgive myself for not wholly loving and supporting myself. I forgive those from whom I learned by word and example to let fear make the decisions in my life. I love you and free you all to return to Love. I trust in Love. I live and give from Love. I have faith and confidence that Love is the way for me to live.”

The resistance to changing our minds and changing our lives is really about ignorance (not knowing any better way), arrogance (my way is the best way), fear (being comfortable with our way of living), and attachment (not wanting to let go without knowing what might come in its place).

Changing our mind requires trust that there is a better way. Changing our mind requires a willingness to let go without knowing what comes next. Changing our mind invites us to listen within to a place that promotes Good for All. Changing our mind inspires us to always seek for the Highest possibilities.

What is the best way for me to think and speak and live?
What is the highest possibility for my life?
How can I take responsibility to live in Joy everyday?

Loving you in loving You,
Betty Lue