Sunday, July 31, 2022



My words make a difference.

My thoughts and words influence others.

My Essence communicates with the Essence in others.

We are learning and healing from and with one another.

Why Are You Here?

Do you ask yourself?

Do you want to be here?

Do you judge where you are?

Do you value being who you are?

We are here on purpose.

We choose to learn and grow.

We choose to help and heal

We choose to hear and know.

Do you pay attention?

Do you learn from everyone?

Do you help others?

Do you listen to you own inner voice?

Our presence is valuable.

We can choose each day.

We can be victims or victorious.

We can drown or swim.

Are you conscious about what you do and say?

Do you observe how your words effect others?

Are you aware of how you are creating your experience?

Do you see what your thoughts do to your feelings and behavior?

We came to Learn.

We are in this school to learn how life works.

We came to learn about ourselves.

We can pay attention, listen, observe and know.

Are you helping others?

Are you aware of how your thoughts can heal?

Do you see that what you say and do makes a difference?

Do you know what you do for another, you are doing for all humanity?

We are here to learn and heal ourselves.

When we help another, we are helping ourselves.

What we teach, we are learning and reminding us.

What we give, we receive.

Are you responsible?

Are you a victim of your circumstances?

Are you strong to speak up?

Do you dare to change or rearrange what is wrong?

We are able to respond with love to all things.

We can make the change we want to be.

We can say and do what is true for us.

We can change ourselves and our circumstances.

Trusting in your willingness to correct your misperceptions and judgments.

Always open and willing to respond with my best.

Betty Lue