Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Do Not Assume!


I free myself by freeing you.

I trust you are freeing me too.

Everyone learns to feel safe and whole, as I learn to just let go.

I easily release all expectations, judgments and assumptions. And simply Love!

Make No Assumptions!

Don’t expect others to know what you know.

Don’t expect others to believe what you believe.

Don’t expect others to live the way you live.

Don’t expect others to do what you would do.

Everyone is different.

Everyone has a different beliefs and goals.

Everyone has different set of values and standards.

Everyone has their own inner dialogue and sense of themselves.

We really can make no assumptions about anyone.

Different strokes for different folks.

Some are formal and some informal.

Some are assertive and some are passive.

Some play victim and some play aggressor.

Some speak out and some stay quiet.

Some are respectful and some don’t care.

Some are needy and some are greedy.

Some feel alone and some want to be alone.

Some are certain and some are doubtful.

Some are independent and some independent.

Some want more and some want less.

Some know nothing and some know everything.

Some like to make their bed each day and some find that a waste of energy.

Some like to sit down at the table to eat a balanced meal and some graze on whatever is available.

Some life to do things quickly and some like to take their time.

Some think about things and some just want to do it without a lot of thinking.

Some overdo and some under do.

Some like and some hate.

Some stick to themselves and some relate.

Some change every day and some stay the same.

Some are demanding and some laissez faire.

Some lead and some follow.

And then it all changes all the time anyway.

There are so many personality differences, we cannot possibly understand anyone else.

And it may take a lifetime to know ourselves.

We may study, observe, do therapy, change our persona and we still are evolving.

Such is the nature of life

The safer we feel, the more we reveal.

The more we reveal, the faster we heal.

The faster we heal, the happier we are.

The happier and safer we are, the more we change and unfold and blossom into our fullness.

So let’s give each other the space to fully be.

Let us choose to live in harmony with all the difference colors and textures and flavors and sounds.

Life is a tapestry of unique expressions of being.

Let us stop judging and just let everyone be.

In our willingness to be, we can live in wholeness and harmony.

Loving you and loving me, we believe in freedom and trust.

We create a safe zone in ourselves where everyone is free.

What a wonderful gift of life when we let everyone simply be.

Betty Lue

Four Agreements.

1. Make No Assumptions. 

2. Keep Your Agreements. 

3. Take Nothing Personally. 

4. Always Give Your Best.

By Don Miguel Ruiz

Do what allows you to feel good about You.