Friday, July 29, 2022



I forgive myself for interfering with anyone’s right to choose.

My Love sets us all free to choose with freedom and trust.

I learn from everyone and teach the highest and best I know.

I listen within and honor Unconditional Love, Heartfelt Service and Remembering the Good in All.

Let Us Appreciate!

Stop criticizing.

Criticism interferes.

Complaining is draining.

Judging blocks the flow of creativity.

Appreciation opens and expands.

Gratitude fulfills.

Love heals and reveals.

Valuing makes all things better.

Politics is meant to give everyone a voice.

Voting is always about your personal choice.

Choosing what is right and good for you is good for all.

Coming together united for the highest Good dissolves the need to fight.

We all have a right to be heard.

When we listen to one another, there is no need to fight.

When child and parent disagree, it is respectful to listen fully.

When partners are not on the same page, it is essential to read the other’s page.

I listen and I am clear.

I listen for what rings true for me.

I listen for integrity in you and in me.

I relinquish the need to be critical, belligerent or demanding.

I trust in the end what is for the highest Good will be the outcome.

Everyone will learn and awaken to what benefits all.

We are here to be helpful to one another.

We can join to learn and teach, listen and respond for the greater Good.

I listen for the call for help, education. inspiration and for love.

I listen for what represents the inner principles of each person.

I listen for where there is sincerity and simple inner truth.

I listen so I can always respond for each individual’s highest calling.

Not only in politics is it necessary to voice your choice.

It is essential in employment, with customers, therapists, doctors, teacher, parents and partners.

Together we make a difference, because we learn from one another.

Everyone can benefit by knowing more, being open and willing to more.

Let us commit to walking in the others’ shoes and listening for their fears, tears and joy.

Let us agree to disagree when what we see is different.

Let us join in respect, ability to respond freely and cooperating for a higher Good.

We are called to be united in our choice to honor our differences and live in peace and unity.

I love, trust, respect and appreciate our differences.

Betty Lue

Key Questions to ask your Self:

1) What do I want to do better?

2)  What am I willing to do better?

3)  How can I practice doing better?

When in an intense situation:

1)  What can I learn?

2)  How can I be helpful?