Monday, May 30, 2022

Memorial Day


I remember only Love is Real and Lasting.

I remember the blessings of our forefathers and all they have taught.

I remember the loving kindness and guidance of all those who Love us.

I remember to never quit on Love.

Remember the Blessings.

What are you remembering?

Our memory is a tool to be used for Good.

We are here to remember our holy purpose.

We are to remember what we are here to heal.

Let us heal the hearts by remembering to love.

Let us heal our regrets by remembering to forgive.

Let us heal the past by remembering it is no more.

Let us heal the present by remembering to stop the war.

When we heal the hate, we can learn to love.

When we heal the fear, we will learn to forgive.

When we heal ourselves, we can learn to help others.

When we heal the world, we will release the pain.

Let us remember the suffering by giving comfort.

Let us remember the violence by extending peace.

Let us remember the sacrifice, by offering our gratitude.

Let us remember the lack by sharing our bounty.

Each one us is blessed with the opportunity to give.

Everyone can find their appreciation for all that has been given.

We can share with one another the ways we have forgiven.

We can show the miracles of love by being Love It Self.

In all circumstances, we can stop the madness.

We can control our emotions and let them out in private.

We can relinquish all attack and learn to forgive instead.

We can suspend our judgments knowing we do not know.

We are gifted with the gift of life.

We can use this life to remember the good by giving full appreciation.

We can use this day to bless all that have blessed us.

Bless everyone everywhere for joining us to teach and learn, to heal and be healed.

We came to have abundant life.

Many have helped and served and taught and sacrificed along the way.

Some have disturbed and challenged, taken and demanded that we might learn.

We can choose now to learn from everyone and remember what is Good for All.

We can let go of everything that we no longer value and let it be no more.

We can erase and release what is not helpful to be repeated in our remembering.

We can undo the past, so we can choose again the present., taking with us only what is True.

We can choose to repeat stories that inspire, encourage and create what is Good for all.

Our memory is to be used to forgive and erase what we no longer want.

Remember what is Whole and True and Loving.

Let us remember what our purpose is.

Loving you, 

Betty Lue