Friday, May 27, 2022



I use my time wisely for the Highest Good.

I respect the value of my time for learning and teaching, envisioning and creating.

I take my time to enjoy and celebrate all the good I have and do and express and experience.

I have fun experimenting with time as a tool for sharing all Good with All.

Time Flies

Time flies when you are having fun.

Time flies when you are busy.

Time disappears when you are present.

Time seems to do what you want when you are on purpose.

Time works for us when we are clear.

Time words against us when we are conflicted.

Time seems to follow our lead when we know what we want.

Time is a tool to be used for Goodness Sake.

Take the “time” to set your intention for each day.

Give yourself time to finish what you start.

Honor your time by not rushing or delaying.

Choose to have the time you need to accomplish.

It is our thoughts about time that confuse us.

When we are at the effect of time, we feel “under pressure”.

When we are in charge of our time, we choose how to use it all.

When we know what is ours to do, we get it all done on time.

Take Your Time!

Time is yours to take.

Give yourself time to do it well.

Give yourself all the time you want.

You are always in the Right Place at the Right Time, doing the Right Thing for the Right Reason.

What an affirmation of your right to choose how you use the power of conscious choice.

We have the opportunity to choose whatever we want with our timing.

Life can move as slow or fast as you want.

When you are out of time, it appears as though you made a mistake in your timing.

However what you have lost was your own ability to take responsibility for your use of time.

Make decisions that work for you and not against you.

If you don’t like to rush, relax and take all the time you want.

If life is moving too slow for you, speed up your pace and make decisions spontaneously.

You need not wait for anyone, unless your priority is to match their timing.

Be patient in your ‘waiting’ for others, so you don’t interfere or confuse with their timing.

Time is one way we can support or get in the way of others timing choices.

Time is a gift to be used to support and encourage more life experiences to benefit ourselves.

Time can be enjoyed when we learn to be awake and aware of our own choices.

Time is the opportunity to maintain integrity with our values and personal vision.

Time can be lost, gained or maintained with a mere change of mind.

Loving the gift of time for us to use well.

Betty Lue