Saturday, May 28, 2022

Another Healer's Prayer


I forgive everyone and everything including myself.

I release my judgments and see things differently.

I let go of my limited perceptions and see the deeper truth.

I trust in the power of affirmation and experience miracles.

Ho O Pono Pono Prayer.

I am sorry.

Please forgive me.

I love You.

Thank You.

This is another way to heal ourselves and humanity.

I will describe my way to understand how it works for us.

When we learn to genuinely clear our heart/mind to Love, we will remember.

We are here to be willing to wake up and remember to Love and be grateful.

I Am Sorry

I am sorry for your upset and pain.

I am sorry for your loss and grief.

I am sorry for my part in what hurts.

I am sorry for forgetting and neglecting.

I am sorry for the confusion and conflict.

I am sorry for false teaching and limiting beliefs.

I am sorry for what the world has learn and taught.

I am sorry for repeating negative stories.

I am sorry for the disrespect and neglect.

I truly am sorry for how we have withheld love from our human family.

Please Forgive Me.

Forgive me for my impatience.

Forgive me for my tears and fears.

Forgive me for misunderstanding.

Forgive me for not listening deeply.

Forgive me for not paying attention.

Forgive me for not taking responsibility.

Forgive me for getting caught in petty grievances. 

Forgive me for withholding my love from anyone.

Forgive me for believing I cannot do anything to help.

Forgive me for blaming everyone else.

Forgive me for withholding faith, hope and love.

I Love You.

I  love you as the One You were created to be.

I love you as part of my human family.

I love you because we are all here together needing love.

I love you and trust you and free you to be you.

I love you and let go of my need to control you.

I love you and wish only the highest and best for you.

I love you and want you to be happy and free.

I love you and see you are part of me.

I love you and give my best to you always.

I love you and care about you and your well being.

Thank You.

Thank you for showing me myself

Thank you for giving me an opportunity to learn and grow.

Thank you for showing me how to care and share my best.

Thank you for receiving my love.

Thank you for trusting me to be helpful to you.

Thank you for the Love that creates and recreates us all.

Thank you for changing my mind and my life.

Thank you for your unlimited gifts to us all.

Thank you for the opportunity to love without conditions.

Thank you for opening my mind and heart to the power of Love.

Let us remember everyone needs Love.

Betty Lue