Sunday, February 27, 2022

History of Reminders


I am a loving reminder.

I listen for loving reminders in every encounter.

I remember to seek and find love in all things.

I appreciate all the loving reminders I write, share and live.

History of Loving Reminders

Loving Reminders are created by Love for you and for me.

Loving Reminders are emailed to thousands of people around the world.

Loving Reminders are written new each morning by me to be shared with everyone who want them.

Loving Reminders are a gift of love to all humanity who will benefit from receiving them.

Since January 1999, Loving Reminders are my spiritual practice.

There are now over 8500 reminders and five Reminders books published.

Loving Reminders, Peaceful Reminders, Relationship Reminders, Healing Reminders, plus Pocketbook of Affirmations now published and available at

Healthy Reminders and Family Reminders are almost ready for publishing, awaiting my final editing.

The last six years of reminders are archived at for easy access.

My intention is to share Love with everyone everyday in every way.

My purpose is to be happy and to share happiness with everyone.

My function is to forgive, erase and delete all that blocks our essential peace and joy.

My goal is to give all good, whole and beautiful for all who are open to receive.

There is nothing that limits me from having this experience with everyone I encounter.

Everyone deserves love.

I choose to give everyone the best I know.

I am willing to bless everyone with what I know and have.

Life is for giving and we are the Gift.

Each one of us is here to remember we are the gift of Love.

Everyone of us is a blessing to all of us when we remember.

We can together heal our world as we remember our intrinsic wholeness.

Our life journey transports us to places and people we are called to touch and teach.

We are always in the right place at the right time doing the right thing for the right reasons.

When we know and live this affirmation, it is so for us.

As we think and believe, we will experience what we believe to be so.

Loving Reminders give us an infinite opportunity to wakeup and remember.

Loving Reminders are a blessing even when they teach only one each day.

Loving Reminders are a give of remembering what is true beneath the appearance.

Loving Reminders awaken, inspire, support and encourage growth, healing, and Love.

Whatever is written, however they are read, their intention is always Love.

Whenever they reach via email, book or sharing, they are created to be healing.

Whoever finds them in whatever state of mind, they are a call to feel loved.

Loving Reminders are truly a gift to all humanity for all time.

I am loving you always and all ways.

Betty Lue