Wednesday, February 23, 2022



I choose love today.

I live in faith all things work together for Good.

I delete and forgive all fear in my mind.

I choose thoughts, words and activities of Love.

False Expectation Appearing Real.

What is there to Fear, but Fear Itself?

It is our fear of fear that distorts and deceives us.

It is our misunderstanding of what it that betrays us.

It is our doubting mind that confuses us.

When we listen for the Truth we find it within.

When we learn our co-creative power, we use it wisely.

When we experiment with belief, we realize how it works.

When we understand the “enemy” of faith is fear, we forgive.

There is a time for gathering information and education.

There is a time for understanding what appears to be.

There is a place for learning how to surrender.

There is a way we can see things differently.

All fear is a call for Love.

All fear is a message we have forgotten the Truth.

All fear is claiming we are victims of the world we see.

All fear is false expectations appearing real.

It is time to take back our creative power.

It is time to be the healers of our mind.

It is time to use denial and affirmations.

It is time to be willing to step out in faith.

How can we end this reign of terror by those who are terrified.

How can we stop the injustice when we are unjust to ourselves.

How can we convince ourselves to live with love and forgiveness.

How can we step away from letting doubt and despair lead the way.

It is our work to say “No” to fear.

It is our path to walk away from darkness.

It is our mission to lead us all into the Light.

It is our choice to show the way to forgiveness and Love.

Love heals.

Love inspires.

Love enlightens.

Love delights us to remember always the Good in all things.

Let’s believe in Love.

Love is what we are after.

Love offers harmony, happiness and laughter.

Love is our way Home.

Loving us and all as One,

Betty Lue