Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day

I choose to remember the Good!
I support what I want to be.
I remember with gratitude and joy.
I appreciate what is loving and helpful to all.

What Do You Remember?

Remembering Love Heals.
Remembering Fear hurts.
Remembering Good inspires.
Remembering Bad depresses.

What you remember determines your thoughts and your emotions.
What you hold onto can either clear pain and disease or cause pain and disease.
When you erase the past knowing it is no longer here, you can free yourself of stress, resentment and pain.
Memorial day is to celebrate the Good, Grateful and Generous memories.

This weekend we have six grandchildren with us to enjoy, learn and teach, give and receive our best.
If I remember what mistake a child makes, do I hold a grievance?
If I experience what they did last year, am I helping them learn?
If I wish they were as cute as they were at 5, am I holding them back?

It is time we remember what is true right now.
It is helpful to forgive the past and remember what is real right now.
It is supporting to erase the negatives and only remember the positives.
Memories need to be encouraging, inspiring, nurturing to heal and grow the best.

So often we learn to foster the repeat of what is not healthy by remembering and retelling old stories
Much talk about kids is how they were in the past.
Most stories are about what was extraordinary about past experiences, failures and accomplishments.
Emphasizing what was often gets kids and adults caught in the past and comparisons with now.

People, young and old, see to get attached to getting noticed and getting approval and appreciation.
When people try to do what got them attention and approval or disapproval, they get stuck.
When people hear stories about what was noticed and admired, they often try to do it again.
When children and adults are trying to impress and win favor, they often do what is not theirs to do.

How do we remember and not influence a repeat of the same
How do we share what inspires us?
How do we remember what expresses gratitude and love?
How do we remember what heals and inspires others?

Stay present with each individual as they follow their journey.
Be aware if what you want to repeat by giving it positive energy.
Tell the highest truth consciously knowing you are helping to recreate it.
Let go of the need to encourage or make it happen by living the high road for you.

Awareness with love and light is healing.
Focus on what now and let it be with love.
Enjoy each helpful, healing and helpful moment.
Love the One You are with right Now.

I am loving you right now.
Betty Lue

Insightful story from which I learned.
I have seen my 7 yr old grandson hurt himself over and over in his life by being daring and careless.
Many accidents, purposely challenging himself to get hurt and overcome the pain and create drama.

I asked him if he would be willing not to have accidents, injuries and stop hurting himself.
He told me “I need to hurt myself or I wouldn’t be brave.”

He has learned from the concern, approval and encouragement he gets from his adults to get injured to get admiration, approval and special attention.

This is a clear example of what we all have learned to do to get what we want.

How have you learned to be confident or meek?, happy or sad, brave or afraid?, strong or weak?
Where have you learned to see yourself and be as you are? What do you remember you must be and do?

If you want to erase that limiting picture and identity, choose to remember what you want to enhance and strengthen in yourself!